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Killjoys – S1E4 – Vessel

Previously on Killjoys, ‘The Harvest’

It’s Davin’s first official job as a Killjoy, and because SOMEBODY can’t follow orders, the job gets a little explode-y. The team heads back to Bellus, liquified warrant in tow, only to receive a new warrant, this time from a group of nobility known as The Nine. Dutch is pretty vocal about The Nine being The Worst when it turns out she has an appointment with Delle Seyah, member of The Nine. Hella awkward. The warrant is finding and transporting a pregnant girl, a member of a surrogate organization that produces heirs for The Nine. The unborn child is in danger from the other members of the nobility, and needs to be safely delivered, both to and on Qreshi soil. Delle Seyah demands discretion, because the politics involved in the transaction are complex and delicate. On her way out, Delle Seyah notices an instrument hanging on Dutch’s wall, which is weird, because that instrument is only for royalty. Curious. And also, if Dutch is hiding the fact that she’s royalty or comes from money or whatever, shouldn’t she not have blatant evidence on it as part of her home decor? I mean, whatever, Dutch. You do you.

Dutch meets up with a monk, Alvis, who she has absolutely slept with. Like, seriously with all the eye sex going on between them. He breaks the news that the surrogate was last seen at a monastery that has been recently massacred. She escaped, but no one knows where she is. Just kidding, Alvin totally knows, here’s the coordinates.

killljoys nunsThe safe house where the surrogate is being kept is safely(ish) sequestered in Westerly badlands, tucked behind a safety projection and force fields and the like. The Killjoys get in with the key Alvin handed off and find the surrogate, Constance, eight months pregnant, and not doing well. Because pregnant women never are, you know. Not in space. Before they can get her out of the room, though, Nuns with Guns! Dutch talks them down, but hasn’t quite convinced the head nun, Mother Sal, of the importance of getting Constance off-world when the fortress comes under attack.

No one’s sure who these jokers are, but they’ve disabled security and they’re coming in hot. Johnny and one of the vessels, Jenny, go off to fix security, getting a little flirty-pants while they’re at it. D’avin stays behind for some big-girl bonding with the other girls and Dutch heads off to find Constance, who is absolutely ready to get her pregnant self on the ship and out of the line of fire.

Back outside, the band of attackers is hailing. It’s your standard “Give us the girl or you’ll all be killed” jibbety-jab, but they follow it off with actually shooting a nun in the face, firmly convincing everyone that it’s time to roll.

Except Mother Sal, of course, because someone always has to make things difficult. Mother Sal is ready to hand the surrogate off to the aggressors, but Constance is having none of it and stabs Mother Sal in the neck with a knitting needle.

Constance insists on seeing her mission through and delivering the baby on Qreshi soil. Dutch isn’t overly pleased. It’s pretty clear she’s seen the inside of an organization like this before and isn’t in the mood to discuss it much beyond the occasional judgemental remark. Constance insists though, and Dutch agrees to get her there. They fight their way through, dodging bullets, giving back a few of their own (because nuns with guns), and losing a few of the girls on the way out, including John’s new buddy Jenny.

Killjoys - Season 1

Once on board, Constance does what every pregnant woman does in a crisis, and goes into labor. Because of course she does. The get to Qresh as quickly as possible, but are denied entry to the airspace and threatened with bullets if they try to land. A quick call to Delle Seyah lets them know that she’s pretty much given the middle finger to the entire mission. So what does Dutch do? Obviously lands Lucy in Delle Seyah’s front yard during a dinner party and says “Take this baby you paid me for.”, forcing Delle Seyah to uphold her end of the bargain.

Delle Seyah compliments Dutch in a murdery sort of way on how she handled the situation, before ordering her off the property and ordering her bodyguard to find everything possible on Dutch.

Constance has been offered a position as the baby’s nanny, but refuses, instead going back to the rest of the Vessels to serve as a guardian.


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