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Killjoys – S1E6 – One Blood

Previously, on Killjoys: “A Glitch in the System

We’re back with Khlyen this week, who is treating Dutch (or Yala, whatever) to maybe the most awkward tea party that ever was. As he’s pouring honey into her tea, he casually mentions there is poison gas about to be served to a fellow patron and she’d better get what said patron is carrying before she dies. Or else. She grabs it without passing out from oxygen deprivation, because she is Dutch and doesn’t need peasant necessities like air. When she passes the shiny box off to Khlyen, he opens it up and attaches it to her, while she clearly is telling him to GTFO. It’s a neuro-transmitter, so Dutch and Khlyen can see each other’s thoughts and be BFFs five-ever. Or recover a stolen weapon from a stolen Company ship. Whatever.

Back on Lucy, after Johnny finishes flirting with his ship, they receive a Black Warrant, also known as The Amazing Race: Killjoys Edition. One warrant, all the best killjoys, 10,000 joy to the winner. Problem? The warrant is for a former, and of course, beloved killjoy named Big Joe, who has stolen a company ship. The same company ship, incidentally, that Khlyen is so concerned about. Quelle coincidence! Some barbs are exchanged between D’avin and the Killjoy Fancy Lee. You’ll remember Fancy Lee as the killjoy who tried to collect on D’avin’s warrant in the pilot.

Killjoys | One Blood

Khlyen has made it very clear Dutch does this job without her team, so she reluctantly flies off without them, telling them to “start without her”. Code for “I left you with no explanation; you should defo not follow me.” They obviously ignore her, somehow picking up Fancy Lee in the process. Sassiness ensues.

Dutch tracks down Old Joe before the other killjoys get there and finds out he not only has whatever the Company ship was hauling, but he’s about to sell it to a group of Leith nationalists. I mean, they live on a farm, and there’s only twelve of them, but nationalists anyway. With lots of guns Big Joe has been trafficking for them. They are NOT happy to find Dutch with Big Joe and drag them both back to the farm for questioning. Big Joe sounds like some serious torture is going on, while Dutch’s interrogator seems to be in more of the “sarcasm and biting remarks” line of questioning. It doesn’t go well.

Johnny, D’avin, and Fancy show up for the big rescue, and it turns out this Fancy guy spends his spare time building some pretty amazing tech. Amazing, but it’s quite pretentious stuff. Do you really need a homing dart that will hit its target if you shoot it straight into the air? No, Fancy, you don’t. Everyone knows you only built it that way so you could look cool. When the three of them rush the barn, one of the Leith nationalists freaks out and decides to use the mystery weapon (as you do). It cuts him, which seems legit for a creepy mystery weapon, and then proceeds to obliterate everyone with a blood connection to him. Literally turns them to ash. The future is weird.

Killjoys | One Blood

The team gets Big Joe back to the makeshift Rack headquarters, where apparently all the other killjoys have just been sitting around drinking. Like, do any killjoys but Dutch and Johnny actually do anything? It’s pretty clear Big Joe is in big trouble with the company, and the only way to keep him out of a Company jail (where he would face some pretty serious torturing and murder), he tells Dutch to kill him. She can’t do it, and Fancy shoots Joe, maintaining that it’s what Joe wanted.

Khlyen tries to give a grief-stricken Dutch more orders, which she responds to in a healthy way by stabbing him in the gut. He’s impervious to knives, it appears, which seems to freak Dutch out as much as it does us. They part ways, and Dutch does what we wish all heroes in all situations would do; she comes clean with her team about Khlyen. Strong female protagonist she may be, but knowing there is strength in the help of your friends is pretty damn smart.

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