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Killjoys – S1E7 – Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye

Previously on Killjoys, ‘One Blood’

This episode of Killjoys is, hands down, my favorite episode of the season, and filled with enough storylines to fill three episodes – but the best part, is that it was so well edited and written, the viewer does not feel overwhelmed by it. This episode ramps up all of the storylines, closes some, and expand on others.

Intro Shot

Johnny is trying to decode the implant Khlyen put in Dutch’s neck. In order to take her mind off the device, D’avin convinces Dutch to put in some target practice and also gets her to open up a bit more about Khlyen. Meanwhile, Johnny has thevery bad idea to implant said device into his neck to figure out what it’s all about. Dutch and D’avin rush him to Pawter’s clinic where she extracts the device. Was anyone else surprised she had been released so quickly? (More to come on that later). Also kudos to Pawter for standing up to D’avin, and putting his ego in check when she confronts him about ignoring her phone calls. She tells him where another soldier she discovered is currently located.

Pic of Pawter

Johnny infiltrates an asylum using a gassed up pen to take out a poor front desk employee and they discover the soldier named Grayson. He tells them he will help find the doctor who erased their memories, but only if they take him with them. They arrive on a space orbit club decked out like tech kids at a really cool club. Dutch & D’avins relationship is ramped up with the help of pharmaceuticals. D’avin lets down his guard for once, and leans in for a kiss with Dutch, a kiss soon interrupted by Grayson. They don’t find the doctor they’re looking for, but they do meet her ex-assistant, who is able to provide intel. Soon, the crew returns to Lucy where they are attacked by a group of company guards who take Dutch in.

Cool Goth Kids

And this is when we are reunited with my favorite character outside of the main crew: Delle Seyah. She’s a smart woman who knows when to take advantage of a situation, but so is Dutch. Dutch agrees to help her on the condition she provides the location of the doctor who messed with D’avin’s mind. They arrive at the doctor’s facility and meet the face of all of D’avin’s nightmares. She continues to feed the same line, but also tells D’avin she can give him back his memories – an idea Dutch and Johnny are vehemently against, and try to convince him not to take her up on the offer.


Johnny leaves and Dutch tries to talk sense into D’avin by opening up to him about her past. And this moment breaks the wall between them and like we’ve been able to see since the first episode, they’re going to have sex. The following scenes can only be described as bliss followed by shock and awe. Dutch actually opens up to D’avin, and it’s revealed she’s a widow. Johnny comes back home without them hearing him, and of course he hears them and walks out. Delle Seyah also decides this is the moment to reactivate D’avin’s protocols to kill his team members and he is nothing if not a good soldier.

dutch and davin kiss

Dutch and D’avin go at it as the fight is kicked up to spy levels. Johnny, meanwhile, is at the bar spilling his woes about Dutch and D’avin to Pree, the local bartender. Back at the MMA fight, Dutch is finally able to knock D’avin unconscious, and we see on her face the havoc this fight has wreaked on her emotionally.

good soldier

Johnny returns and sees Dutch bruised and a little worse for wear, and they figure the doctor is behind this. Dutch returns to Delle Seyah to try and undo the damage. When she arrives at the facility, Dutch confronts the doctor, who reveals some unknowns about the experiment, and the fact that she was the one who ordered the kill warrant against D’avin. Dutch eventually gets the upper hand and gets the Delle Seyah to turn off the soldier button on D’avin. And knowing she has no choice but to get rid of the Delle Seyah for good, she erases her memories – a fate worse than death for the doctor.

Meanwhile, Johnny is trying to talk some sense / emotion into D’avin hoping it’ll snap him out of super soldier mode. While in the middle of his good feels speech, D’avin grabs Johnny’s blade and stabs him. He leaves, and Johnny drags himself across the floor, calling to Lucy to find a doctor, and luckily for us ,Pawter is within driving range. She arrives and starts a blood transfusion on Johnny and calls for a med ship. When they try to turn her down, she sasses them and uses her name to get what she wants. Just who is she? I guess Dutch isn’t the only one hiding from her past.

Johnny Stabbed

Score | 9/10Johnny fights for his life and those who care are there beside him, including D’avin. I must say one thing that really made this episode stand out a lot for me outside of the acting is the soundtrack.   They were really able to blend the music and the moods together.

Johnny comes out of it finally, and Dutch goes home to tell an emotional D’avin that Johnny is fine. This was such a pivotal point in this episode as D’avin begs forgiveness of his sins. But while Dutch forgives him, she realizes she can’t forgive herself for her own sins.

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