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Killjoys – S1E8 – Come the Rain

Previously on Killjoys, ‘Kiss, Kiss Bye Bye’

We return to our favorite RAC crew dealing with the ramifications of D’avin going full soldier crazy thanks to Dr. Jaeger. It’s been a full ten days as we learn from Johnny when he’s spilling his problems to Pree at the bar. Dutch is having emotionless sex, D’avin is drinking and Johnny is sick of it all. He’s finally been cleared and in need of a good drink. Soon enough, though, Dutch and D’avin arrive and immediately scold Johnny for being out of bed. He tells them he’s tired of the awkwardness and he’s signed them up for a job so they can work out their issues. They hesitantly agree and leave to meet up with their handler.

Johnny at bar

On the way, D’avin picks up a comic book, Captain Apex, as a gift for Johnny. After meeting with their handler, who lets D’avin off with a punch to the stomach for hurting Dutch, we get to see (for the first time) the dynamic trio being separated. Dutch and D’avin go off-world to pick up their level one package and Johnny stays back.

Nurse Pawter soon arrives at the bar and scolds Johnny for leaving his bed rest station. He explains why, and also drops that D’avin and Dutch had sex – worst slip of the tongue, Johnny. Johnny tries to apologize as Pawter goes to leave. Pree stops her because the rains are about to start, and she lets him know that she needs her “supplies.” He offers a knowing look and tea. But instead of a normal rainfall, this is a chemically induced rain and burns enough to kill. And we see an example of this when Company officers leave a couple of prisoners nailed to the ground outside to slowly die. The Company officer left behind though is a favorite of mine, he played Tommy on Defiance!

Pree & Pawter

Soon enough the bar goes from being a sanctuary from the rain to being held hostage by a bunch of on-the-run criminals after they are confronted by the Company officer Feraanz. The leader of the criminals is shot and Pawter offers to help save his life, something that becomes harder to do when we find out she is in withdrawal mode from Jack. After the untimely death of an unruly patron, (Seriously, does this guy not know how to act in a hostage situation?) Johnny and Alvis come up with a plan to get some Jack for Pawter, and we get to see the underground belly of Westerling.

Alvis approaches a Jack head in the tunnel and we see the real power he wields through his religious rhetoric. And although we’ve seen Johnny and Dutch be dismissive of him, it’s very easy to see why the Company would be leery of a man like him. The guy hands over his Jack, and Alvis gives him and others a blood blessing. Gross. They also encounter some Company cops, who have been led there by Feraanz, but Johnny convinces them to give them a chance to diffuse the situation upstairs.

pree + johnny

We also find out that Pawter is the daughter of very rich parents and due to her killing one of her patients while high, they covered it up as best as they could and shipped her to Westerling – but still keep her supplied in Jack. Parents of the year? I think not. But Johnny convinces her to work through it with a really good speech. They are able to save the guys life, barely, but he tells the rest of the guy’s crew he has a plan. Unfortunately, one of the bad guy flips out and throws Feraanz out of the bar and Johnny yells, “He was my plan!”


He goes outside into the rain to retrieve him and is aided by Alvis, who rightly describes himself as a masochistic murderer. They return to the bar – in one of the coolest scenes this episode – as the Company officers are trying to gain entrance into the bar. Johnny once again fixes the problem by using the nail gun he retrieved when outside. He shoots the three criminals in the head while everyone looks scared at this sight of him. Pree moves to open the hatch for the Company, and Johnny finally gets to have his drink. Alvis’s reach is in the coming war is made clear when we learn Feraanz is actually a plant and was in the bar to pass off intelligence to him. That was an awesome long con on his part.

johnny bada

This entire time, Dutch and D’avin are stuck upon Lucy after retrieving the artifact they’ve been tasked to find, and we learn it’s a Jenga truth test from Johnny. Unfortunately, regardless of all the trust games, dancing, and D’avin being honest with his feelings, Dutch is still not able to trust him. And can I say how much I loved D’avin’s smile when he was dancing with Dutch? It was like getting a puppy on Christmas. Alas, Dutch just can’t work through it; she has to feel it and it’s messy and totally understandable. Next thing you know, Lucy is being pulled into the atmosphere, and they decide to break Johnny’s contraption and are able to regain control of Lucy.

dutch & davin dancing

Score | 9/10D’avin brings Johnny the Captain Apex comic book, and tells him he’s moving out. But that only makes Johnny angrier. Especially since, at best, D’avin doesn’t know the full extent of what he should be sorry for. Johnny doesn’t feel like spelling it out, and after the day he’s had, I can’t say I blame him.

The final scene of the episode ends with Johnny reading the Captain Apex comic book in his room; Dutch joins him since she can’t sleep. In the second cutest scene of the episode, Johnny reads her a bedtime story.

And that’s one of the great things I love about this show. It’s like the actors all genuinely get along and it translates in a lot of the intimate moments they share.

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