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Killjoys – S2E1 – Dutch and The Real Girl

Previously on Killjoys

Killjoys – S2E1 – Dutch and The Real Girl | Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane | Writer: Michelle Lovretta | Director: Stefan Pleszczynski

Why are you always chasing dragons? Cause they’re the ones with all the gold.

Where We Left Off at the end of Season 1

D’avon followed Khlyen against Dutch’s advice and got himself kidnapped.

Pawter decided to stay on Westerly with the Rat people and be their doctor.

Dutch and Johnny escaped Westerly before a dome is put over it.

My Predictions Last Season

We find out that D’avin has been Level 6 all along. – He is definitely not Level 6, but he is altered.

We find out more information on Dutch’s past. – Most likely.

Dutch and Johnny share a moment/kiss. – Hallucinations count, so I was technically right.

We find D’avin by episode 3 of season 2 – Definitely wrong.


Season two of Killjoys returned with a bang and I loved every moment. I thought going into season two the shine of the first season’s adventures would have worn off, but our crew of Killjoys changed my mind within the first five minutes.

We open with a scene of D’avin, rescued by Dutch and Johnny with Fancy in tow, ready to take on Khlyen and his group of Level 6 agents. But even with all the smiles (I swear I was smiling as much as D’avin) something felt a bit off; and soon enough we realize D’avin is experiencing the first of two hallucinations he has this episode. What the connection is between the hallucinations and the experimentation remains unknown. But not a man to lose sight of a good opportunity, hallucination or not, he kisses Dutch with the explosions in the background doubling as fireworks.

Images: Syfy

Images: Syfy

We soon find out that D’avin has not been rescued and is in fact being experimented on by scientists on Arkyn. His second hallucination shows scientists all around him being killed, and then Khlyen, who says to him that “He’s not supposed to see this yet.” What “this” is we don’t know, but I’m sure it’s all wrapped up in his protection of Dutch and his time as a soldier. Regardless of what’s happening within D’avin’s mind, he is strong enough to break free of his drug induced state, scaring the life out of the scientists monitoring him.

Now out of stasis, a naked D’avin, crouched against the wall stares at nothing with an empty look in his eyes while the scientists try and provide Khlyen with an explanation. I think it’s safe to assume from what we’ve learned of D’avin during season one that his mind is done being manipulated by outside forces and perhaps this is why whatever concoctions being injected into his body failed to take. Soon enough he goes into attack mode and Khlyen ends up getting his palm stabbed through, showing that even after their repeated abuses to his body and mind, D’avin’s will to live always remains at the forefront.

Killjoys - S2 E1 - Insert Pic - D'av in goo

Khlyen’s palm wound does not regenerate automatically as usual. Something new in the history of Level 6 agents and the looks on the scientists’ faces imply this is something they’re worried about. This new development is enough for Khlyen to kill the scientists and decide to help D’avin break out of Arkyn, but with only a window of 15 minutes, he’s cutting it a bit close.

Killjoys - S2 E1 - Insert Pic - Khylen

As they make their way out, D’avin boldly asks Khlyen about his daddy issues with Dutch, a question he skillfully sidesteps and answers with a threat of shooting and torturing D’avin if he doesn’t drop it, which he smartly does. I love these two teaming up; between Khlyen’s badass, take-no-prisoners attitude and D’avin’s new ability to injure Level 6 agents, this episode does well with giving viewers a lot to look forward to.

A guard takes a shot at Khlyen, which sets off the repeated blare of Protocol H over the sound system. Khlyen mentions, for the first time, that the Black Root are on their way. With time running out he asks D’avin if he is willing to die for Dutch and he replies yes. Dutch and Johnny. This is enough to  have Khlyen push him out of the room and face off against the Black Root by himself.

Killjoys - S2 E1 - Insert Pic - Black Root

Pledging to die for someone is never an easy thing, but the J’acobi brothers selflessly protect Dutch even though we all know she’s probably a better fighter than the both of them combined. These scenes between Khlyen and D’avin are fast-paced and continue to leave a bit of mystery for the audience regarding Dutch and her exact relationship / destiny and Khlyen’s involvement.

Dutch and The Real Girl

We meet up with the remainder of our crew with the new addition of Pree as they try to find a way into Arkyn, but unfortunately are met with no successes. Dutch, frustrated and out of options, is still intent on rescuing D’avin and decides to play a game of chicken with the impenetrable atmosphere of Arkyn, a move that most likely would have killed them if Lucy had not removed them from its orbit.

At first her intensity might seem a bit much, but when you realize Dutch’s perspective it starts to become clear. We have to remember that Khlyen raised her to be an unemotional and deadly assassin for reasons that are still unknown. He controlled her life for as long as she can remember and also killed her husband. You can see why she feels five days is too long for D’avin be in Khlyen’s clutches. Later, we find out it’s only because Khlyen wants to protect Dutch that he kidnapped D’avin in the first place; in order to create a Level 6 agent loyal only to him, but a protector to Dutch a.k.a Yale. (Dutch is always Yale to Khlyen) Protection from what remains the mystery that is Killjoys.

Dutch pays a visit to Bell (their warrant broker) to find out if there is a way into Arkyn, and as always she doesn’t fail to deliver. With a mix of folklore and fact, this show has gotten quite good at disguising their exposition in a way that doesn’t feel as if you’re being fed information. We find out about a group of crooks called the Connaver gang (A gang of siblings with the sister as the leader) who were known to use a device to get themselves into Arkyn when running away from the authorities. And luckily enough there is a warrant out for said device that the Killjoys can exploit for their needs, but only the addition of Pree’s criminal past is enough to get them into Eulogy, a town for crooks only so they can gamble.

Killjoys - S2 E1 - Insert Pic - Pree + Johnny

But Dutch finds a surprise waiting for her: The device has been implanted inside the body of a woman who was used by the Connavers to pay off a debt. Her name is Clara and her introduction kicks off a series of badass choreographed moments of offensive and defensive maneuvers between her and Dutch. As a modified human she comes with her very own battling gun arm named Alice and they proceed to take down a slew of guards. Clara is shot in the process and our crew quickly escapes to Lucy via the roof. This was my favorite scene this episode, and that goes for each of the four times I’ve watched. Clara is played by a favorite actress of mine, Stephanie Leonidas. She was on another SyFy show called Defiance  that I 100% recommend you watch.

Clara reveals she’s a human who was modified beyond what’s considered human according to the laws of the Quad. One of these modifications is increased hearing, which she uses to listen in on Dutch and Johnny as they talk about the options they are left with in rescuing D’avin. Clara insists upon helping, even though the entry into Arkyn causes her pain from the amount of radiation surrounding the planet that she absorbs. But she is inspired because of the bond she witnesses between them in trying to save D’avin, and can you blame her? That same bond is what allows this crew to have so many people willing to help them. Clara also offers to assist when it comes time for her to kill the people running the factory that made her. Clara hooks herself into Lucy and the two become friends as she shields the ship upon their entrance into Arkyn.

Our crew crashes through the Orbit of Arkyn and enter the medical facility, they locate D’avin with Fancy. The same Fancy we all know has been transitioned into a Level 6 agent, which bites because I enjoyed the banter between him and the crew.

With the reunion I didn’t expect until episode three (In cases like this I love being wrong), D’avin convinces Dutch that Khlyen has left Arkyn and it is important that they leave as soon as possible, she acquiesces. Upon boarding Lucy though, D’avin shocks everyone when he shoots Fancy who promptly heals and then shot out of Lucy by Dutch. This proves Fancy is Level 6. They quickly make sure that D’avin is still a bleeder – he is – and Clara comments on how weird they all are. But D’avin doesn’t let on about being able to injure Level 6 agents at this time. This is a skill that will definitely be valuable in the future. With good news must come bad news, and D’avin is filled in on what has become of Old Town and Pawter since he’s been kidnapped.

Killjoys - S2 E1 - Insert Pic - Reunited

We wrap up our return to Killjoys with Clara deciding not to stay with the crew, a decision that drew out a groan from me as I thought she would be a fabulous addition to the crew. As Dutch and Johnny relax with a drink, D’avin tells Dutch he lied about Khlyen being gone, and she admits she knew that.  I am glad they’re starting off season two not keeping secrets, but this also draws Dutch’s ire when D’avin points out that maybe, just maybe, Khlyen has been trying to protect her all along not kill her, a sentiment echoed by Johnny.

This throws another wrench into her already complicated relationship with Khlyen, who we see at the close of the episode frozen in a pod being taken to the Lady. The transport intercepted by Fancy, who calmly kills a doctor monitoring Khlyen and sits next to the pod. This makes me wonder if he’s protecting Khlyen or ensuring his arrival to the lady.

Killjoys - S2 E1 - Insert Pic - Fancy

Luckiest Person This Episode

The Doctor who left right before Fancy arrived to sit with Khylen.

Killjoys S2E1
  • 8.5/10
    Plot - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


This was a great episode and one which only gets better with repeated viewings. The fast paced nature of Killjoys continues to work along with the world-building establishing just where our heroes are in this universe. This season premiere feels as if the cast went to summer camp together after season one and now there is a genuine friendship that shows on screen – or maybe they’re just really good actors, but I do hope it’s the former. 

The writing on the show continues to be well paced, introducing new plots and characters and fleshing them out successfully in one episode as they did with Clara. I’m looking forward to seeing her again, hopefully with the Killjoys keeping their promise and helping her take on the factory she was modified in. This episode was directed by Michelle Lovretta, who has a long history of writing strong women characters and she has experience in Sci-Fi. This was evident during the return of Killjoys, especially when it comes to the women of this show.

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