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Killjoys – S3E5 – Attack the Rack

Previously on Killjoys, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Warlord”

“Don’t be sorry, girl; be stronger and smarter.” 

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Every episode of Killjoys this season has been engaging — from the pacing, plot, and action, which makes the realization that we are halfway through this season bittersweet. “Attack the Rack” felt like a combination of an action movie/video game with quips from the crew along the way, but through it all the heavy weight of the coming war remains.

Our Killjoys are ready to get the Hullen out of the RAC; something Banyon, their new boss, has been trying to do with no result. So Dutch and company kidnap a couple of RAC captains in order to show them what’s happening and how to clean up their own RAC outposts. But while the plan goes south, everyone gets a chance to shine at being a badass — especially Dutch, whose jumping, sliding, and ass kicking in every scene got me hype. Due to a mole their plan is exposed, and instead of easily getting rid of the Hullen, they are instead ambushed. The mole turns out to be one of the new recruits, not Zeph as I predicted, but McAvoy, and he ends up catching a bullet to the forehead for his disloyalty… by the very same people he sold out to.

Manipulation is not an emotion…

We get a showdown between Banyon and Dutch, getting the answer about whether or not Banyon’s human or Hullen. It unfortunately takes her death to confirm that for Dutch. Although I’m sad to see the character go, I loved the hand-to-hand combat between her and Dutch. Banyon’s death serves as a reminder to Dutch that not everyone is a Hullen, and the cost of assuming they are is death.

Johnny gets mind tortured by a bunch of Aneela’s men, and D’avin gets kidnapped for the umpteenth time. He’s definitely the princess Peach of this show sometimes. We also get a chance to see the J’acobi brothers supporting each other through this emotionally charged torture, exploding heads and all. With the discovery of a bomb that can distinguish Hullen DNA from human, Dutch and Johnny are able to clear the RAC in one shot and gain the trust of the other captains of the RAC.

Now to Fancy Lee, who is fine as fuck. One thing this show doesn’t skim on is good looking men, and now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, on to more serious matters.

Staying behind with Turin and the captains, Fancy ends up interrogating a captive Hullen named Kitaan. It brings out the worst in the human captains as they feel that since Fancy was once a Hullen, he cannot be trusted. Kitaan’s doing her best to get him back on the Hullen side. Kitaan also provides new info that the Hullen cleansed with Khlyen’s death were not fully cured, but are only in remission; a fact I wonder if Khlyen knew when he sacrificed his life, or if it’s even true. This puts Fancy in a weird, human/not human spot with the RAC, doubted by Turin, and disconnected from the Hullen.

The war is all.”

Their win comes with some losses. Fancy Lee is seething and hurt at the lack of trust from Turin, who had the audacity to tell Fancy Lee he was sorry and he’s one of the good ones. What?! This along with Banyon’s death, and multiple RAC outposts being destroyed, shows that this war will have consequences, especially if Aneela has anything to say about it.

Meanwhile, Seyah Kendry continues to be Aneela’s pet of the month, much to Gander’s ire. But at the end of day, on the Hullen armada, everyone’s Aneela’s pet; a fact that is starting to sink in for Seyah Kendry. She realizes this throughout her bickering with Gander, and Aneela continues her plotting successfully, without input from either of them. So while Aneela is confirmed crazy, she’s strategic and still quite capable of pulling off her battle plans.

In all this was an thrilling episode. Hannah John-Kamen as both Dutch and Aneela is a treasure to watch as she continues to pull off two characters every week. I love the arc the J’acobi brothers have under went since their misunderstandings in season one to now being able to trust in each other’s capabilities, yet willing to protect each other. There’s a war coming and I can’t wait to see what role our extended cast members (Fancy, Alvis, and Pree) take, and looking forward to the day Aneela and Dutch meet in person, but wondering what that would look like as well.

Worth Mentioning

Gander taking all the Ls this episode.

Show of power in just a kiss between Aneela and Kendry.

Turin telling Fancy “he’s one of the good ones” pissed me off, but also made me wonder if that line was intentional in the larger picture of the show. Even if all the Hullen are made human again, that’s a lot of people now exposed to society. What would that look like? Suffice it to say, I’m keeping my eye on how this plays out for the remainder of the season.


Aneela wants D’avin as a mate. He’s been juiced up by Khlyen and able to do a lot of cool stuff like her.

Killjoys S3E5
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"Attack the Rack"

Killjoys – S3E5 – “Attack the Rack” | Director: Jeff Renfroe | Writer: Shernold Edwards | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane

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