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Killjoys – S3E6 – Necropolis Now

Previously on Killjoys, “Attack the Rack”

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We open this week’s episode closer to the emotional smooch I’ve been waiting for between Dutch and D’avin. But these two kids, well, three if you throw in Johnny, are nowhere near ready to figure out their feelings and D’avin’s hesitation to reciprocate makes things uncomfortable for the remainder of the episode.

The Nine make a comeback this episode during funeral proceedings for the captains whose lives were lost while reclaiming the RAC. We also get to see Alvis, as he’s responsible for officiating the ceremony as a monk. It’s during this sendoff that our Killjoys attempt to get the Nine to sponsor their war against the Hullen; a deal that would be favorable to both parties. I love that we’re getting to see the logistics behind setting up a revolution. Most shows would just show the gathering of troops and plans, but Killjoys goes a step further in showing the full picture of what revolution entails.

During the funeral procession we see a familiar face, Pawter’s sister Louella, who has inherited her sister’s position as a member of the Nine. As Dutch and D’avin try and persuade the Nine to join them, they’re killed off one by one and the episode quickly becomes a whodunit. Although, it was predictable when it was revealed to be Louella Simms killing off the Nine, trying to get revenge for the death of her family. She does a mediocre job in deflecting attention away from herself, playing on Johnny’s sympathy and love for her sister. But it was only a matter of time before our super smart team figured it out.

It’s quite sad that even Johnny isn’t immune to the need for revenge —  he’s the one person who understands best what drives her; however, Louella takes her grief to a whole other level. The way Louella goes about it is quite ingenious, though: a robotic parasite that went undetected and goes from host to host killing them painfully and quickly.

But what Killjoys does well is that even when the villain of the episode is apparent, there are always multiple plots and players on the sidelines that keep the show interesting.

Gander finally makes his move against Kendry, and although impressive, it felt short-sighted as the person he’s pissing off on purpose is Aneela. Gander’s scene also served to provide more information on the hierarchy on the Hullen Armada.

There’s a major revelation in that although Aneela is an all-powerful queen she’s also a prisoner/science experiment to be watched at all times. Gander finally overplays his hand in thinking there was nothing special about Kendry and while he might be correct, if you keep taking away a chew toy from a dog enough times, you will get bit.

Using the green goo, Aneela is able to reconnect to false memories of Khlyen manipulated by Gander, but also gets us more of Rob Stewart, the actor who plays Khlyen. He is always a pleasure to see on screen and I hope we continue to see him in the memories of his daughters.

Gander’s manipulation of her memories serves to skyrocket Aneela’s rage. She kills Gander and many others in an explosive show of power, eventually finding Kendry. And what a kicker when she finds her, hooked up to machines looking at least 5 months pregnant.

By the end, Dutch, the expert negotiator that she is, is able to get the Nine to sponsor their war through threats, showing the benefits of an alliance with the Killjoys. Either they deal with her or they deal with the Hullen. So our Killjoys now have money and alliances in the coming fight.

I love how D’avin has come into his own, even taking over the eulogy from a guilt ridden Dutch while looking handsome as ever in uniform. Although it did suck that when it seemed Dutch and D’avin were about to have an honest conversation about their feelings, Zeph interrupts with the news that the sphere they discovered actually contains slices of Aneela’s brain matter linked to her memories. Yes, it’s an emergency, but so is the kiss D’avin was about to share with her.

This season of Killjoys continues to be an exciting ride each week, and I am here for it with two episodes left. Who will be left standing by the end of this season?

Worth Mentioning

Killjoys has yet to be officially renewed so make sure to use #RenewKilljoys on Twitter; this is a great show on all levels that deserves to come back for a fourth season.

With the brain slices belonging to Aneela but sharing genetic material with Dutch, was Khlyen lying when he said they weren’t related?

I loved when the RAC captains were shot into space towards a sun. The CGI of the external shots looked great.

Johnny and Lucy finishing each other’s sentences is adorable.

Aneela’s capable of procreating in an asexual manner?

Killjoys S3E6
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"Necropolis Now"

Killjoys – S3E6: Necropolis Now | Director: Samir Rehem | Writer: Andrew De Angelis | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane

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