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Killjoys – S3E8 – Heist, Heist Baby

Previously on Killjoys, “The Wolf You Feed”

“Front or back should always be a pre-game discussion sweetie.”

Another episode of Killjoys is in the bag bringing us one episode closer to the season finale as our different factions continue to build. One of the great things about a show like Killjoys is each week is different from the last; but no matter what, there is a consistency of heart through it all.

With the heaviness of last week’s reveal of Dutch’s connection to Aneela, we get treated to a lighter (for Killjoys) episode featuring a heist to procure necessary crystals that can possibly be used against the fleet of Hullen ships. They’re hoping to use said crystals to disturb their communication signals.

“I’m not a third husband, but you are a number two.” 

And what a fun heist it was! We get to see Big Borna, who was first introduced in season two when she was trying to add D’avin to her list of husbands.

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I loved everything about this heist, from Big Borna’s polygamous relationships, her badass attitude, and how scared and yet in love her husbands are.  The scenes were serious, yet funny, and provided some insight into D’avin’s feelings towards Dutch. Also, the fact that Big Borna’s husband Jelco calls D’avin Dutch’s second husband was everything since he was implying Johnny was the first. But he does give D’avin some sanguine advice: give Dutch something no one else can and continue to be there for her.

“You’d cut the balls from a dead man if she asked, which I understand.” 

Meanwhile, as the J’aqobi brothers are dealing with a heist gone wrong due to Jelco’s shenanigans, Dutch tells Zeph about what she discovered in Aneela’s memories – that she is in fact a duplicate of Aneela, something Zeph’s genius brain had almost figured out. I wasn’t expecting the reveal that if Aneela dies, so will Dutch, as she is the source of her existence.  I’ve been pondering how accurate this is over the past few days.

I am happy that Dutch finally tells D’avin about what she saw, or better put, D’avin finally pulled the truth out of her. It was a heartbreaking scene when D’avin realizes in order to save the world they might have to lose Dutch. Luke Macfarlane’s facial expressions were perfection, ranging from disbelief, heartbreak and acceptance. Now the only person left to know is Johnny. How the J’aqobi brothers, who exist to do nothing but protect Dutch, are going to react to this in the coming episodes is something I’m excited to see.

“Kill aneela, win the war.”

On the Hullen Armada, Aneela proves that outside of the green, Dutch isn’t the only one capable of impressive hand-to-hand combat, swiftly taking down multiple top-level Hullen soldiers. Now with Seyah Kendry and her handmaiden, Brinn, at her side, she’s able to take back some control of Armada. It’s a scene of sweet domesticity amongst power hungry lunatics.

It’s through the take back of the Armada that we receive confirmation that there is a now a bigger boss to worry about. Why I’m surprised at this I don’t even know, but surprised I was. Aneela calls her The Lady and she exists solely in the green and is now looking for a way out. The fact that Aneela and Hullen such as Gander heard and followed her but never Khlyen, begs the question: who might she be? She must be truly powerful to be able to control Aneela and The Hullen for hundreds of years, manipulating events sight unseen. But with Aneela now seemingly free from her control and looking to defeat her, I wonder if that will bring a Dutch and Aneela team up in the future.

All in all it was a fantastic episode of Killjoys. The editing was amazing. We got three full stories, multiple sets, and each scene transitioned seamlessly from beginning to end. There has yet to be an episode of Killjoys this season hat has been less than stellar. 

Scenes worth mentioning

Johnny wearing a super V t-shirt, flirting with a mark at the bar and getting shut down while D’avin succeeds.

I was genuinely surprised at how attached Aneela seems to sincerely be to Seyah Kendry.

Borna and Jelcos kiss scene with the song, “There She Goes,” made for an awesome scene.


What if Brinn’s The Lady?

Is it possible that Aneela’s mother might still be alive?

Killjoys S3E8
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Dialogue - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Action - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10

"Heist, Heist Baby"

Killjoys – S3E8: Heist, Heist Baby | Director: April Mullen | Writer: Julie Puckrin | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane

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