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Killjoys – S4E3 – Bro-d Trip

Previously on Killjoys, “Johnny Dangerously”

“Head down isn’t really my thing; it messes with the crown.” – Delle Seyah

Johnny continues to be the worst version of himself – dragging along a kidnapped D’avin through a pretty unenjoyable road trip, dismissing every word of sense, and solely focused on getting his next fix of green goo.

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Johnny is at his worst when he looks for ways to hurt D’avin in order to get him to let his guard down. He switches from using Dutch as a tool of manipulation to bringing up D’avin’s childhood issues. Although he conveniently leaves out the fact that he sold out Delle Seyah and D’avin’s unborn child.

In contrast, D’avin uses every ounce of familiarity and military training to try and keep a handle on Johnny, who is basically planning out all the ways to kill him. Subconscious Dutch is even losing her grip on him.

When the show uses Johnny’s moments of madness it’s very enjoyable. When we see the J’acobi brothers attacked by guards from the harvest farm, Johnny putting a bullet in D’avin, and even Johnny being able to take the guards down with using his Hullen-intensified mind to save D’av from an explosive device. How  does he justify saving D’avin’s life just to try and kill him later? That’s the complexity with a newly turned Hullen.

Of course the J’acobi brothers are not the only ones caught up in a trap. Delle Seyah is trying to get her and her baby out of the way of human/organ harvester Harold. And since this is Delle Seyah, she gets it done with mental and physical precision and plenty of backtalk to boot. Enlisting the help of Bea, one of the many whose body is being used to harvest their organs repeatedly, she’s able to take down Harold.

And this little world of harvesters shows that although there might be a galaxy-shattering war on the horizon, for a lot of people it’s still just another day at work.

“This may be Dutch’s ship, but Lucy’s heart belongs to Johnny.”

The final piece of our Killjoy reunification puzzle lies in Zeph, who with the newly deputized Pree and Pipp, is able to locate Lucy, get her back online, and find the whereabouts of the J’acobi brothers by way of Delle Seyah.

And not a moment too soon, as D’avin is running low on options on dealing with Hullen-Johnny. It was cool to see D’avin use his mind control powers to take Johnny down a peg though.

Zeph’s arrival coincides with Dutch’s, as she comes out from the crystalized goo and takes down Johnny with one shot. So although he was looking for the goo to get high it still was enough of a connection between them to get her out. Hopefully, The Lady isn’t behind her.

The last scene of the episode was so cool and was a perfect encapsulation of the first three episodes of the season. While our gang is back together, we’ve got a combination of broken, robot-infested, and about to have a baby alien Queen. I’m sure Lucy’s patience will only go so far with so many bodies in her.

All in all, although the tone of “Bro-d Trip” was different from last week’s episode, we got great story progression with the majority of our characters.

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"Bro-d Trip"

Killjoys – S4E3: Bro-d Trip | Director: Samir Rehem | Writer: Julian Doucet | Starring: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Mayko Nguyen

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