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King of the Nerds – S2E4 – Ready, Set, Robot Dodgeball

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Curtis and Bobby call the nerds to the courtyard where Bobby is dressed as C3P0 and Curtis is dressed as an ’80s gym teacher in short shorts. Because the teams are so uneven now (5-3) the nerds all have to draw colored tokens out of a hat to decide who joins the smaller team. Katie goes first… and draws the yellow token and is forced to join the yellow team. She is not happy about this because Zack still exists. The good news for the yellow team is that Katie is a robotics expert and the challenge this week involves building robots, so good news for them. Bad news for the other team. Xander throws a glitter fit because he knows nothing about robotics. I think Xander is now my favorite.

King of the Nerds | Xander Glitter Fit

The teams have 24 hours for each team to build 4 robots; robots that have to do battle in a game called Robot Dodgeball. The team with the worst robots loses one of their robots prior to the battle.

The purple team, The Titans, are going with a titan theme. The yellow team are going to get nothing done because Zack keeps talking over Katie’s ideas and tossing a dodgeball around, disturbing everybody, and Nicole burns her face off with a hot glue gun. Katie has to delegate tasks to her team because they’re all idiots. There’s little dramatics this time, which is kind of boring.

King of the Nerds | NerdBot and Matt Winston

The judges today are a guy I’ve never heard of [Editor’s note: Matt Winston, son of Stan Winston and co-founder of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts] and a giant robot called Nerd Bot. That thing is gonna snap and eat people! It also makes stupid jokes. Shoot it down!!

The purple team’s robots are shaped based on their worlds. Xander’s is a red dragon, Brian’s is a jumble of nothing. I can’t even remember that guy’s name. I think he needs to go away. The yellow team’s robots are surprisingly more creative than the purple team’s. I wasn’t expecting much from them. However, the judge does not agree. The purple team wins, and so the yellow team loses Jack’s robot because it’s the least impressive. Nerd Bot stomps it to death. It’s only a matter of time before he’s stomping one of the humans!

King of the Nerds | NerdBot

Now Robot Dodgeball begins!! Two robots at a time drive around the court, while the other team throws dodgeballs at it. Zack has to be talked down off a ledge because he’s mentally unstable and can’t handle the pressure of throwing rubber balls around and/or driving a robot. Zack loses the war for his team because he gets his robot stuck 2 seconds into the round. Jack tries to tell him how proud he is and how well he did, but he will not accept it because Zack hates everybody and can’t handle emotions.

The purple team has unanimously voted Nicole into the nerd-off, and the yellow team has voted Zack in. Of course. Everybody wants him out. The look he gives Nicole when he finds out she voted for him is almost scary.

King of the Nerds | Zack Crazy Eyes

The nerd-off is a KerPlunk zombie deal. KerPlunk is a game where you pull out wooden stakes without letting the items piled up on top fall down. The pile of items in this game happens to be various body parts and brains. Zombies are walking around grabbing up the dropped body parts, and the person who drops 150 body parts first loses.

OMG! Some of the zombies are played by last year’s nerds! Ivan! Josh!!

King of the Nerds | Zombies

And then Zack wins again! He’s only going to grow stronger! Nicole cries, leaves, and then is stomped by a giant robot foot. And 7 remain!

King of the Nerds | Cast-elimination

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