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King of the Nerds – S2E6 – Nerds to the Rescue

Previously, on King of the Nerds: “Trek Wars

Chris pretends that he’s mad to make Jack feel bad, but he doesn’t really feel bad. Jack is a nice and sensitive guy. I don’t like these head games. Unless they’re being used on Zack, of course–which Chris then tries to do. Zack goes crazy face. I take it back. He’s probably not the person you want to play head games with because he’s already one apple short of a fruit basket.

The nerd challenge this week involves George Takei. All the nerds cream their pants. In this challenge, George is trapped in a cage, and the nerds must navigate their way through lasers to get to him and then solve a complex mathematical problem to release him from the cage.

Everyone is either tall, gangly, or uncoordinated. The only one who’s probably able to navigate between lasers is little hobbit Brian. Zack and Jack are practicing their pretend laser obstacle course, and then Chris comes along and asks if he can use their space for stuff. He’s being such an asshole, and it’s funny the way it riles up Zack, but also I’m scared Zack will just lose his shit. But then again, I don’t like Chris, so if he loses it all over him, I’m kind of okay with that.

King of the Nerds | George Takei

So, on to the actual challenge. There’s a long hallway with green lasers all the way down it. Two people from each team must hurry through the hallway without setting off the lasers, reach the math problem, and solve it to open the cage George Takei is trapped in. If they set off a laser, they get a 1 minute time delay penalty. George tells everyone to “live long and prosper”, and Jack’s all like, “I don’t know who you are!” Zack guides Jack through the laser course while Chris guides hairy Brian through. Both guys set off the lasers.

After a swift jump over 2 lasers at once, Xander thinks Jack might be Catwoman because he’s never seen Jack and Catwoman in the same place.

King of the Nerds | Jack and lasers.

Jack completes the course just as Brian sets off another penalty. Jack and Zack go to work on math questions about tribbles. If you start with so many tribbles and they reproduce every so often, after so many hours, how many tribbles will you have, blah blah blah. Jack’s all like “What are tribbles? And I still don’t know who that guy in the cage is?” Their first guess is wrong, but their second guess is correct. They free George, and they all high five. George Takei is always such a good sport. I like that guy.

Since Titans of Rigel lost, two of their members will be going head-to-head in the nerd-off. The yellow team votes Chris into the nerd-off because he’s a button pusher, and ain’t nobody got time for that anymore. The purple team votes Brian in.

Brian’s got really nice eyes. I bet if he shaved, and you could actually see his face and know for sure that he’s human, he’d probably be kind of cute. Anyway, the nerd war is about sci-fi and Nerf blasters. They must answer sci-fi questions. If they get it wrong, they lose a turn. If they get it right, they get ammo to shoot down spaceships. Whoever has the most points, wins.

King of the Nerds | Nerd-off.King of the Nerds | Nerd-off.

Brian kicks Chris’s butt… by only 200 points. But still. A victory!

At this point, the teams are now dissolved, and it’s each man for himself. See ya next week!

King of the Nerds | Cast elimination

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