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King of the Nerds – S2E7 – Angry Nerds

Previously, on King of the Nerds: “Nerds to the Rescue

Five nerds have survived Nerdvana. They are now each on their own. “No teams! All chaos” Jack yells as him and the boys fake sword fight. Xander loudly proclaims himself king but can’t quite get the evil laughter down.

Everyone is ecstatic when Curtis announces that this week is about live action video games. The person who wins this week’s war gets to choose the first person into the nerd-off while the other four get to vote the second person in. It would be hilarious if everybody voted for Zack.

So, in this war, they’re not just playing video games, they will be driving something that sounds like a go-kart (called a Nerdiocart) in a Tron like setting. Zack is worried because he’s never driven a car and can’t even remember how to ride a bike. It’s good he doesn’t drive, what with the rage that consumes him and all.

The Nerdiocarts are exactly like a go-kart, and they race them around a track running over stars and whatnot to collect points.

King of the Nerds | Nerdiocarts

Kayla wins cause that girl is all dude. She is given a robot and a second robot to give to one of the others. She chooses Xander. Zack bitches for 20 minutes about how unfair his loss was. Blah blah. You remember that episode of The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon didn’t want to leave his room, so he put a monitor on a rolling stand so that  he could stay in his room yet still interact with others? That’s what the robots are like. It’s kind of cool. I would send that thing into meetings at work while I just sat in the bathroom and played on my phone like I do now.

Kayla is safe from banishment this week since she won. They debate over the course of several meals about who should be voted into the nerd-offs. I don’t know how much they actually have to decide on their votes, but they’re constantly eating, and it’s always something different. Maybe nerds just need their energy. I know I like to eat. Xander makes some negative comments about how Kayla has to vote for him or he won’t cooperate from here on out. She is bothered by this, rightfully so, and tells him straight up.

King of the Nerd | The Boys

Kayla chooses Jack. Zack and Brian tie for the second person in. Kayla gets to play the role of tiebreaker. She chooses Zack. She chooses him not because he’s crazy and needs to go away, but because the rest of the guys have been on her team, and she knows them better and how best to take them out so she can win. This girl knows how to play. I like her.

Today’s nerd-off is called “Angry Nerds”. They essentially have to build themselves an Angry Birds-type structure that’ll withstand nerds being projected at it. They build the structures in small scale, and they’re built life-size for the purpose of the nerd-off. By who, I don’t know. Stage hands, I assume. At the nerd-off, Zack and Jack must propel balls at this structure in an attempt to knock it over. You know what, I shouldn’t have to explain Angry Birds to you. If you don’t know how to play go crawl back under your rock. Come back when iPhones have gone out of style.

King of the Nerds | Jack Angry Nerd

They’re both kind of awful at this game, but Jack wins. Zack doesn’t freak out about his fall from terror. He surprisingly acts like a normal person. He barely holds back his tears as he says goodbye to everyone. As unpleasant as he’s been, this is kind of the saddest of the goodbyes. As he leaves, he’s killed by a fire-breathing dinosaur/dragon.


King of the Nerds | Final Four

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