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Robert Kirkman Hates Reboots, Writes a Reboot

Announced at Image Expo in San Francisco, co-creator/writer/zombie wrangler Robert Kirkman and artist Ryan Ottley will create a reboot (of sorts) for their popular title Invincible. Naturally, the storyline remains under heavy guard but the jist of it is the titular hero, Mark Grayson, travels back in time to right as many wrongs as he possibly can. Of course, in doing so he alters what history has been established in the comic’s 12-year span.


Reboot? will not be the traditional comics event both Marvel and DC are currently undertaking, as the story will remained contained in Invincible and it won’t restart as a new title. What once was, and possibly will be, for Grayson will add an entirely new dimension of storytelling to an already expansive universe.

Invincible Reboot? begins in October 2015.

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