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Kituria’s ProFan Overview: The Bridge

Title: The Bridge
Channel: FX
Time: Wednesday nights 10 EST/9 Central

What’s it about?

The Bridge is a new FX crime drama based on a Swedish/Danish show with the same name. The body of a New Mexico judge is found on the Mexican/United States border. It is soon discovered that the body belongs to two different women. The head and torso belong to the judge and the bottom half belongs to a missing girl. The missing girl is part of a rash of killings known as the Dead Girls of Juarez, hundreds unsolved murders of girls between the ages of 15-20. The only people that seem to have no direct tie to the murders are: Detectives Sonya Cross, Marco Ruiz and Lieutenant Hank Wade.  The two detectives must work together to not only solve the case of the murdered judge but find out who is behind the Juarez killings. This is not your average procedural, if anything it is a character study with political, social and criminal undertones.

So Who’s in it?

The Bridge | Diane Kruger Sonya Cross

Diane Kruger as Det. Sonya Cross, a member of the El Paso police department. She has an immediately noticeable off-putting personality.  While it has not been directly stated in the show, she has Asperger syndrome.

The Bridge | Demian Bichir Marco Ruiz

Demián Bichir as Det. Marco Ruiz, a homicide detective for the Mexican state of Chihuahua. He has a bit of charm and his own quirks that rub his reluctant partner the wrong way.

The Bridge | Annabeth Gish Charlotte

Annabeth Gish as Charlotte Millwright, a wealthy widow whose rancher husband suffered a heart attack on the Mexican side of the border and died in El Paso. How she will play into the show has yet to be revealed but all the arrows point

The Bridge | Thomas Martin Linder

Thomas M. Wright as Steven Linder, conspicuously similar to Ted Levine’s Jame Gumb/Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

The Bridge | Ted Levine Lt Hank Wade

Ted Levine as Lt Hank Wade, Detective Cross’ supervisor and mentor. He is sensible, gruff, one step into retirement. Think Lt. Murtaugh, without all the sweat. If he ever says he is too old for anything, Ted is getting the side eye.

The Bridge | Matthew Lillard Frye

Matthew Lillard as Daniel Frye, reporter. One or more of his pieces has ruffled some feathers.

Cast Notes:

  • Two of the cast members starred in two of the biggest horror/drama films in the past 20 years: Scream-Matthew Lillard and Silence of the Lambs– Ted Levine
  • Annabeth Gish and Matthew Lillard starred in a movie called SLC Punk!
  • Diane Kruger had a keen interest in playing the role because her character has Asperger Syndrome.

Should you tune in?

Yes. The protagonists reveal a level of depth that will keep you invested in their stories. Each character seems a bit tangled, messy and imperfect. This show is not going to wrap things up in a nice little bow at the end of each episode. There are enough plot lines to tie together that will keep even the best amateur TV sleuth on her toes. You aren’t being fed the deception that the murders will be solved by the end of this season *ahem* The Killing *ahem* It’s FX, they are good at this type of drama and rarely disappoint.

In case you missed the series premiere, it is available to view on here.

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  1. STOP EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How am I just now finding out that Matthew Lillard is in this?!?!?! Kituria I am forever grateful for your review. Otherwise, I would have been mumbling and grumbling about spoilers before the box set release!

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