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Kituria’s ProFan Predictions: Once Upon a Time – Midseason Premiere

Yes, my pretties; Once Upon a Time returns this Sunday, after what seems like an eternity. Emma and Henry are living a new life in New York. And the rest of the Scooby Gang, minus one guy-liner wearing pirate, are back to their old lives in the Enchanted Forest.

What else is on tap this season? According to E! Online, two characters will find out they are related, which means that two other characters are related. My guess: I have no idea. Unless Emma and Bale find out they are kissing cousins, which is both gross and gross.

We have the return of the handsome and beguiling Sean Maguire as Robin Hood. I’d be a happy viewer if they let Regina fall in love with him, minus any ridiculous obstacles. I know that isn’t how OUAT works, but that would be an awesome twist; you know, just letting someone be in love for once.

The second half of the season introduces us to at least a few new characters:

  • Elphalba, also known as the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader). Regina better hold onto her sexy snarl; this new baddie is fierce, and her intentions are unknown. She should prove to be a formidable nemesis for our friends in the Enchanted Forest. The actress portraying Elphalba may look familiar; wash off the green makeup, and you will see Charlotte Lewis from the ABC hit series LOST.

Elphalba Wicked Witch OUAT First Look

  • We also get to meet Rapunzelle (Alexandra Metz), and guess what? She is gorgeous, secluded in a tower, and has a dark side known only by Regina, because Regina knows everyone’s secrets. Alexandra Metz has a small IMDB bio dating back to 2010, with her most recent appearance coming in the CW series The Originals. Considering Red has a full leading role on a new CBS series, maybe we won’t be seeing her as much and Rapunzelle will fill that young, attractive, with a checkered past void.

Once Upon a Time | Rapunzel


  • Christopher Gorham has been confirmed as Walsh, Emma’s new love interest. Gorham rarely plays a character whose intentions are 100% clear. Showrunners have hinted that Walsh is not the great guy appears to be, and Hook knows it.

OUAT is character heavy as is; three more won’t make a difference, or will it?

My theories for the second half of the season:

  • Snow and Charming will get on my damn nerves.
  • Regina and Robin Hood’s relationship will not progress beyond some clever wordplay and maybe a close embrace as she falls into him during a battle, then quickly shoving him away.
  • We will get to see a glimpse of Mulan, since she has joined Robin’s crew, but not enough to get the answers we want about her feelings towards Aurora.
  • Emma, Henry, and Hook will share some misadventures in New York.
  • Elphalba has returned to the Enchanted Forest because she is the Black Fairy that was banished by Blue. She is determined to seek revenge on the remaining fairies and Regina, because Regina encased her one true love in stone.
  • Back in January, news was leaked that one of the characters will die this season. My guess is they don’t have the guts to kill off a character we have grown to care about, and they will make quick work of getting rid of Red. She will change and be accidentally killed in the forest during a full moon.

That’s all, folks. Do you have any theories on our intrepid crew of fairytale friends? Do you think I am way off base with mine? Let me know.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Check your local listings for show times.

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