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Legends of Tomorrow – S1E14 – River of Time

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, “Leviathan”

Having Savage aboard was like having a virus flowing through the Waverider’s mainframe. As Snart predicted, keeping him alive was a bad idea.

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Savage¬†causes Sara to doubt Rip, and then Rip finishes the job diminishing her faith when he admits he sacrificed Jax in order to save his family. Sending Jax to work on the Waverider – and prepare it for travel to the Vanishing Point (end of time) – exposed him to radiation which accelerated his aging. In order to save Jax’s life, Stein tricks him into the jump ship and sends him back to 2016. Sure that this doesn’t bode well for them (and being all about self preservation) Snart and Rory throw up deuces and prepare to leave, but discover the jump ship is gone. They have no choice but to remain and ensure they make it to the Vanishing Point.

Savage also manages to get into Ray’s mind and place doubt there about his relationship with Kendra. Again, Kendra proves him right by doing everything possible to return Carter’s memories – including reading him a love poem. Ray breaks things off with Kendra (as we knew he would), and then goes to break his foot off in Savage’s ass. Unfortunately, he ends up face down and Savage escapes his cell.

The team bands together to stop him, eventually triggering Carter’s memories (only for him to get stabbed again). Kendra takes Savage down, but when they deliver him to the Time Masters so he can pay for his crimes, he’s released because they’re in league with Savage.

Savage continues to play chess while Rip and company play checkers.

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