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Legends of Tomorrow – S1E2 – Pilot (Part 2)

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, ‘Pilot, Part 1’

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

This episode was much better than part one, but the Hawks still aren’t working for me.

The team continues to work through the kinks of their new arrangement. They’re still in 1975, but in Norway to stop Vandal Savage from selling a nuclear missile. While Rip favors having a concrete plan, the team is still salty about his deception and aren’t really in a listening mood. Add to that alpha male Captain Cold and Stein’s hubris, and the team ends up doing more harm than good.

Savage is now well aware of their existence and thanks to a piece of tech Ray leaves behind, he is able to create a weapon far greater than anything 1975 has ever seen. If they don’t act fast, Central City will be a fiery wasteland in the year 2016. They have until Vandal’s scientists can figure out what they’re dealing with to fix their mistake.

This leads Stein, Jax, and Sara to meet Stein’s younger self to get his help in tracking the missing piece of Ray’s suit, while Cold, Heat Wave, and Ray track the dagger Vandal used to kill the Hawks the very first time.

This show works best when the team breaks off into smaller groups and personality clashes have time to breathe. Watching Stein trying to keep his younger self from flirting with Sara and cringing at his younger self’s arrogance was hilarious. By episode’s end, we witness some much-needed relationship building between Stein and Jax.

Ray is facing some interesting growing pains. After Stein, he’s most likely the smartest member of the group, yet that’s not enough to keep him from making stupid mistakes out in the field. I hope the series explores more of this.

Sara’s hit-first-and-ask-questions-later (oh, and have as much fun as possible while doing it) attitude is so much fun to watch. I want more of her, Cold, and Heat Wave just fucking shit up.

It’s a shame the series’ weakest link is tied to its main villain. Kendra’s (are we still calling her that?) amnesia is getting tiresome. She doesn’t remember any of her past lives, yet she’s been flying around and fighting like a badass – except when up against Vandal and then she’s laughably bad. Hopefully the tragic event toward the end of the episode will help make her character interesting.

LoT S1E2 - Firestorm

Legends of Tomorrow S1E2
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The things I like about this show, I REALLY like so they more than make up for my issues with the Hawks.

I could watch Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold all day. He looks like he’s having a great time and they give him the best one-liners like this to Ray when Cold tells him they’re going to steal more than the dagger they came for: “Raymond, you don’t break into a candy shop and steal one gum ball.” And I will never get tired of watching him and Heat Wave fire off their guns back-to-back with Sara, Ray, and Firestorm nearby kicking ass.

I like seeing Jax come into his own. He was the real MVP absorbing that nuclear blast like a boss.

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