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Legends of Tomorrow – S1E4 – White Knights

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, ‘Blood Ties’

The crew continues to work through their kinks while breaking off into smaller teams to complete separate missions. And while I love when the team is fighting together, these side capers are always fun and I’m enjoying the one-on-one dynamics as they evolve.

Their first mission at the Pentagon in the ’80s (to retrieve classified documents on Savage’s movements) turns into a shit show when Kendra loses control and viciously beats anyone who gets in her way. Rip thinks it’s a good idea to have Sara work with Kendra to help get her violent impulses under control. It’s as if Sara is her addiction sponsor as she can definitely relate to having a bloodlust. In the end, the two women push each other so that Kendra can learn to embrace her warrior while Sara learns to embrace her humanity.

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Next, they head to Russia at the height of the Cold War to learn what kind of weapon Savage is trying to build. Ray volunteers to go undercover to get close to the scientist, Valentina Vostok, working on Savage’s project, but it’s Cold she connects with. When Cold’s cover is blown, and thinking she’s an innocent, he tells her she’s working for a monster. Unfortunately for Cold and Ray, she knew exactly what Savage was doing all along.

LoT S1E4 - Captain Cold

Tensions between Stein and Jax come to a boil as Stein feels Jay is getting increasingly reckless by ignoring his directions when they’re merged. Jax views this as another way for Stein to control him – drugging him and bringing him along was just the first step. Stein’s fear of losing another partner is what fuels his over protectiveness. Despite their massive fight, it’s clear these two are devoted partners and friends when Jax begs Stein not to sacrifice himself as they attempt to disrupt the building of Savage’s secret weapon: another Firestorm.

LoT S1E4 - Stein

Heat Wave has a chance to prove himself when he and Rip track Chronos’ crashed ship. It was a trap to lure Rip, and instead of finding Chronos’ body, he finds Time Master Zaman Druce instead. He gives Rip an offer to join them again and they will forgive his transgressions, but this leaves the rest of the team on their own as the Time Masters try to fix the damage they’ve already caused to the timeline. Mick warns Rip this is a trap and is proven right when Chronos and Druce attempt to kill them all.

The team’s commitment to each other will continue to be tested now that Vostok and Savage’s men have Mick, Stein, and Ray.

Time Master Tech

Pills which make you speak and understand any language. Da!

Funniest Line

Mick to his Russian captors: “If I ever get my hands on you, I’m gonna get all Rocky IV on your ass.”

Legends of Tomorrow S1E4
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    Dialogue - 9.5/10
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    Action - 9.5/10
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    Performances - 9/10


I still have only one issue with this show: Hawkgirl (both the character and the acting).

Everything else is fire: character chemistry, action, special effects, and some of the funniest dialogue on TV (Heat Wave has some of the best lines).

Wentworth Miller stole the episode. His character seems to be the most self-aware, and it helps that The Flash already planted seeds that Captain Cold has layers and isn’t all bad. Of course, he’s not all good either and demonstrates this when he lifts a wallet while on a mission in the Pentagon.

I’m not invested in the Time Masters chasing down Rip and company, but this week’s encounter with Druce provided another opportunity for Rip to earn the group’s trust.

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