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DC’S Legends of Tomorrow – S2E14 – Moonshot

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, “Land of the Lost

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

When Are We?

April 13, 1970

The Mission

After Rip put Commander Steele (Matthew MacCaull) in charge of a part of the Spear of Destiny, Steele rose through the ranks of NASA. Now, the Legends travel to 1970 Houston when they learn space history has been changed. Without their intervention, Eobard (posing as astronaut Jack Swigert), will make Apollo 13 land on the moon so he can retrieve the spear from the flag Neil Armstrong planted. Great idea on Steele’s part; too bad Eobard is brilliant and evil.

While Stein, Mick, and Jax are planted with Mission Control, Ray uses his suit to sneak aboard the spacecraft, and Steele decides he wants to go back to the moment he accepted Rip’s mission so he can return to his old life with his wife and son (Nate’s father).

Legends of Tomorrow - S2E14 - Stein, Jax, Stelle

Mission Report

So much of this episode worked on several levels. Everyone who travels through time will eventually fun into a dilemma where they’re tempted to change their future. Steele’s absence was difficult for his son, and Nate thinks a better childhood for his father will improve their relationship with Nate is older. Amaya, who’s always been pretty by-the-book, and here is no exception. She tells Steele about aberrations and how his decision might change who Nate is – if he’ll exist at all. This doesn’t go over well with Mr. Secret Keeper, and he lashes out by telling Amaya that her future (and those of her descendants) isn’t exactly all flowers and sunshine. Such a petty thing to do and it seems to have cooled their relationship. It also prompts Amaya to look up her family’s future via Gideon. Nate is devastated after Steele sacrifices his life to save the team aboard the Waverider.

It was enjoyable to watch Eobard and Ray. Ray is a lot like Barry Allen: smart, kind, a hero, etc. And we all know how much Eobard likes Barry. He but does leave an impression when Eobard points out how much he and Ray are alike. It was also cool that they were put in a position to need each other. With his mission foiled, Eobard wants to go back to Earth, and has to help the team figure out how to get the Waverider to return safely. Once back, he gets away (of course), but not before telling Ray they’ll meet again.

Legends of Tomorrow - S2E14 - Eobard and Ray

The best development of the episode was Rip coming to terms with the fact that Sara is not only the captain, but she’s a better captain than he was. Sara knows exactly how to lead the team, assigning each to the proper components of their missions. And she and the other have developed such a shorthand that they quickly figure out their next moves without any input from Rip, who often came in with ideas a few moments to late. When Steele comments on the positive change in the group, Rip admits he can’t take credit for it. It was all Sara.

I’m so glad they didn’t take away this important role from a competent woman.

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