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Legion – S1E4 – Chapter Four

Previously on Legion, “Chapter Three”

Images: FX

Images: FX

Wasn’t sure it was possible, but Legion managed to get both weirder and better in “Chapter Four.” With David unconscious for no medical reason that Cary can find, Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry are tasked with deciphering his terrifying and untrustworthy memories.

It appears that David didn’t break into Dr. Poole’s (Scott Lawrence) office for drugs; he went to destroy tapes of his sessions; likely to hide something he’d revealed in one. Dr. Poole walked in and David gave him a severe beating. Since they can’t trust David’s version of events, they visit his ex, Philly (Ellie Arazia). She reveals there was no Lenny, but a man named Benny, and he was David’s friend and pusher, and also the one who she tussled with over the cake. Since Syd knows she killed Lenny while in David’s body, it looks like David (or someone else) altered David’s memories of Benny and replaced them with Lenny. Things get kookier when Philly’s only message for David is a whispered, “They’re watching.”

Legion - S1E4 - David Monitored

Amy discovers the man in the Division 3 cell next to hers is David’s Clockworks therapist, Dr. Kissinger (David Perry). When they compare notes, we learn that even David’s memories and stories of his childhood dog, King, are a lie. When Amy caught young David talking to someone who wasn’t there, he’d say he was speaking to King.

While it seems everyone who’s conscious is trying to understand David, he’s literally on a whole other level. His consciousness is on an astral plane where he meets Melanie’s dead (not really?) husband, Oliver (Jemaine Clement). Oliver’s body is frozen inside an deep-sea diving suit, but his mind is chilling in an astral plane igloo, reciting poetry and listening to jazz.

All of their digging leads Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry into a trap where Kerry takes on a squad of Division 3 soldiers, Ptonomy gets taken down by The Eye, and Syd purposely swaps bodies with The Eye in order to survive. David emerges from his astral plane, landing in the path of the truck Syd (as The Eye) is driving. In the middle of the body-swapping and fighting confusion, Kerry takes a bullet to the chest.

Whoever Lenny is, she’s literally over David’s shoulder as he comes face-to-face with The Eye.

Legion - S1E4 - David and Syd

X Files

So, I’m starting to wonder if David is a villain. We can’t trust anything he’s said or done, especially when we learn them through his unreliable memories. I’m skeptical of someone else being responsible for changing his memories since they go back to his childhood. Still, the bigger question remains: What is being hidden?

As much as I love me some Jemaine Clement (and I love me some Jemaine), I want this astral plane/Oliver business to take a backseat for a bit. Those scenes took me out of the episode and felt a bit too weird – even for an astral plane.

Kerry is the real MVP. Hers and Cary’s story is fascinating. He was born to two Native parents, and his caucasian arrival caused the father to walk out on the grounds his wife was clearly having an affair with a white man. Eight years later, he meets his imaginary friend, an eight-year-old Native girl. A year later, he realizes the little girl lives inside of him. He does all the science stuff; she’s the muscle.

And she loves being the muscle. While Ptonomy and Syd were playing Mulder and Scully, Kerry was being Rambo. The woodland fight between her and the D3 soldiers was pretty awesome, as was seeing Cary back at Summerland, moving along with her. Here’s to hoping their mutant ability comes with rapid healing because I’m gonna need a lot more of Kerry.

Legion - S1E4 - Kerry

Legion S1E4
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"Chapter Four"

Starring: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Audbrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton

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