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Lost Doctor Who Episodes Will Be Released This Week

Patrick Troughton

It looks as though all the recent rumors of recovered Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s are true. The esteemed Radio Times has announced that two missing “episodes” will be released digitally via iTunes this coming Wednesday. However, sources indicate this may just be the tip of the iceberg, and that two complete or nearly complete Doctor Who serials starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor will be released. Current titles being mooted are THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD and THE WEB OF FEAR. Stay tuned for further details, and as always, take this sort of news with a grain of salt.

UPDATE (10/7): Radio Times has amended their story to state the following:

Originally, the BBC had scheduled a Wednesday release, but now sources confirm that the date is likely to be later this week. A reason has not been given, but sources are adamant that the release will be this week.


UPDATE (10/8): A recent CNN article reports that the BBC is set to confirm the findings later this week. It has been hinted that the episodes will be downloadable via ITunes and streamable via AppleTV as of Friday. It is currently unknown whether the episodes will be available only in the UK iTunes Store or also in other regions such as the USA.

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