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Lucifer – S1E5 – Sweet Kicks

Previously on Lucifer, ‘Manly Whatnots’

Images: FOX/Screenshot

Images: FOX/Screenshot

Hurts Like the Devil

Turns out Lucifer is a sadist. He’s loving the pain Chloe put him through and he wants to explore the full range of mortality.

Someone asked me whether Lucifer getting killed would just send him back to hell and to his old job. I’m pretty sure dying as a mortal would not have that result which is why Maze and Amenadiel are so afraid.

When a shootout happens at a fashion show for custom kicks, Lucifer convinces the captain to let him on the case as a consultant if he can help her score some points with the minority community since she has her eye on a promotion.


Even though Lucifer seems determined to experience danger, he does rely on Maze to get him out of tight spots, but Maze is determined to protect him for himself. She points Amenadiel in the direction of Luci’s therapist. He poses as a therapist and rents the office next door.

Sidenote: D.B. Woodside in a tailored suit is definitely giving Tom Ellis a run for his money.

L1E5_LuciferRunnin’ with the Devil 

While Chloe and Lucifer run around solving the case, we find out why Chloe is a pariah at work. A cop took a bullet while they were working on the infamous “Palmetto” case but Chloe thinks the cop wasn’t a hero and was on the take. While Lucifer is trying to get into Chloe’s business, she calls him on the “deals” he makes and the consequences of them. For someone who believes in justice, no matter how twisted, seeing how giving people their desires can lead to unintended consequences does make Lucifer think more closely about his actions. Also Dan is pressuring him to take things seriously. Just because Lucifer wants to push his mortality to the limit doesn’t mean Chloe does.

In terms of the overarching story, Chloe is back to believing that Lucifer isn’t the devil now that she’s shot him, but there’s still lots of unexplainable moments, such as Lucifer making it out of a locked car and into a suspect’s house. It’s one step forward, two back and now Chloe also has Maze to watch out for.

Lucifer S1E5
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I think some people are going to be disappointed with Chloe still not believing Lucifer but I think it makes sense. Even if she thinks there’s something weird going on, that’s still a big leap of faith to go to devil. Also since he’s changing, it creates a weird contradiction. I have to give kudos to the actors, despite the supernatural elements of the show, the characters feel grounded and real.

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  1. I’m really loving this show! This week Lucifer’s witty comebacks were the best!

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