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Lucifer – S1E6 – Favorite Son

Previously on Lucifer, ‘Sweet Kicks’

Images: FOX

Images: FOX


Tom Ellis sang one of my all time favorite Nina Simone songs. Pack it up and go home everyone. It doesn’t get much better than this. The reluctant partnership between Lucifer and Chloe is even more strained now that Luci is teaching Chloe’s daughter to give into her baser instincts (she ate the chocolate cake and lied about it). And Lucifer is bored when he realizes being a cop isn’t just getting shot at and throwing people through windows. Fortunately, the case of the week involves a godly artifact that was stolen from Lucifer’s storage.


In the Devil We Trust

While Chloe and Lucifer run around trying to recover his stolen container, they get to the heart of Chloe’s issues with him. She doesn’t trust him. Even though she doesn’t believe he’s the devil, usually she believes he’s telling the truth but this week, he’s lying about what’s in the container and he won’t tell her why he wants it back so desperately.


Chloe tries to send her ex, Dan, to dig up some dirt on Lucifer but that just ends with Maze drugging him and leaving him at Chloe’s hoping the two of them will get back together so Chloe will be out of Lucifer’s life. I’m a little disappointed in Maze. After last week I thought she was going to try to slit Chloe’s throat, not pull a Parent Trap on her.


Raise the Devil 

But even with all her shenanigans, it’s not Maze who drives Lucifer to reconsider his life; it’s Amenadiel. He uses Dr. Linda to push Lucifer to embrace everything that he is. There’s one little problem though, whoever stole Lucifer’s container took his most precious possession, his wings.


Lucifer S1E6
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The reason Lucifer is such an interesting character is because he is God’s favored son and also his most victimized. Tom Ellis is playing this dichotomy well. When his therapist pushes him, you can really see all of his pain. Lucifer is rebellious but he’s also been wronged. There was also some development with Dan and Chloe. Even though Maze tried to Parent Trap them, I don’t think Dan is averse to getting back with Chloe. I really want to know what exactly broke them up.

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