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Lucifer – S1E7 – Wingman

Previously on Lucifer, ‘‘Favorite Son’

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

The Devil is in the Details

Lucifer is still looking for his wings, which have the potential to drive a mortal mad, and Chloe has 48 hours to find some more information on the Palmetto case or close it forever, so they’re both on a race against time. This leads to some interesting partnerships. Dan is caught between helping Chloe and wanting her to give up the case since the family of the accused officer can’t get closure, and the officer is still in a coma. And Lucifer has to ask his brother Amenadiel for help, much to his chagrin.

Chloe talks Lucifer and Dan into helping her recreate what she saw at Palmetto Street, but that leaves her with more questions than answers, and Lucifer is pretty much unhelpful afterwards because he’s nearly manic trying to get his wings back. He finally ends up at an auction for religious relics, but the wings up for sale are fakes.


Burn in Hell

Chloe realizes she was right about there being a dirty cop, but she picked the wrong one. She goes to Malcolm’s memorial to pay her respects and to throw the real suspect off.

I’m pretty sure the dirty cop is the partner. It’s almost always the partner.

It looks like we’ll probably know next week because Malcolm’s family took him off life support, but he’s still alive due to some angelic intervention from Amenadiel



That’s the only good deed he performs this episode though. Lucifer realizes that the man holding the auction is obsessed with his wings and he created the fakes so he wouldn’t have to give up the real thing. But it was Amenadiel who tipped him off about the wings in the first place, hoping the search for his wings would show Lucifer the light.

Instead, Luci decides to light up his wings and destroy them because he is never, ever, ever going back to hell. It was a bold move on Lucifer’s part but it makes perfect sense. Lucifer is a fallen angel and his punishment is ruling hell. If there’s any place he really wants to go back to it’s heaven. Amenadiel needs to switch up his strategy because he’s basically trying to convince Lucifer to go back to his shitty customer service job. And no one wants that. He may want to check in with Maze though. She kept a single feather.


Lucifer S1E7
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The storyline with Chloe and the Palmetto case bogged down the story this week. I really wish they wouldn’t drag this out because it’s pretty obvious that the partner is the bad guy. Lauren German’s performance was also uneven this week. On the other hand, Tom Ellis and D.B. Woodside played wonderfully off each other. They really sold their scenes as brothers, whether they were light-hearted and ribbing or tense and dramatic. It made me question why Amenadiel doesn’t have any sympathy for Lucifer. He has to know how much his job sucks and yet he keeps trying to convince Lucifer to go back because of duty. You get more devils with honey.

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