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Lucifer – S3E6 – Vegas With Some Radish   

Previously on Lucifer, “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards”

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Come On And Go With Me

Last season, right as Chloe and Lucifer were on the brink of exploring their romantic feelings for each other, he discovered that his father had a hand in Chloe’s birth and he ran away to Vegas to get away from God’s manipulations. He also returned with a “wife”, Candy Morningstar (guest star Lindsey Gort) who he is still in the process of divorcing. So when he gets a call that Candy has died during Chloe’s birthday celebration, he takes off to Vegas with Ella in tow without telling Chloe where he’s going.

As it turns out Candy isn’t dead (and thank Lucifer’s father because Gort is a great guest star) but she was the target of the killer. Through a series of flashbacks, we find out how Lucifer and Candy came to be married and in the present day, we get Ella and Luci’s Vegas shenanigans. We learn that Ella is a notorious card counter that has been banned from every casino in Vegas and it turns out Lucifer married Candy to help with the debt surrounding her father’s club. In exchange, she helped him break things off with Chloe.

The two of them are very similar; they both have a code about lying and they are very loyal. It’s easy to see why Candy and Lucifer became friends, although it does undercut a scene where Lucifer runs into a Candy wearing a black wig and doesn’t recognize her.

Now someone is trying to kill Candy to get her father’s club. Because Lucifer is still her husband, Candy’s “death” makes him the club owner, so of course he draws out the killer with a splashy musical number complete with Ella is a Vegas showgirl outfit. Finding reasons for Tom Ellis to sing is this show’s modus operandi and I’m not mad about it. Turns out the killer is the club’s manager and friend of Candy’s father who has been trying to get the deed because the land the club sits on is worth millions. They use his guilt against him and Candy pretends to be a ghost to get him to confess. It’s all easy peasy from there.

I Need Love All the Time Or I’ll Lose My Mind

But back in L.A. Chloe is losing her mind. Lucifer disappearing again with no warning takes her right back to last season when he to Vegas the first time. She never really got an explanation then and though she doesn’t want to admit it, she’s still hurt by his disappearance. Plus, it’s her friggin’ birthday! Chloe enlists Dr. Linda and they go over  Lucifer’s penthouse to snoop through his things and try to get some dirt on where he is and why he left.

At one point, Chloe and Dr. Linda are drunk and Dan is trying to break into his safe with a power drill. That’s where Chloe’s at. Luckily, Chloe’s shenanigans lead to a beautiful scene with Lucifer where he thinks she’s asleep and he apologizes for leaving to Vegas and admits the only reason he didn’t tell her where he was going was because knows he hurt her before and he didn’t want to bring up bad memories. He also opens the safe to reveal the one thing he has inside is Chloe’s birthday present, a necklace made with the bullet she show him with in season one. I don’t know if these two will ever make it beyond friendship again but if they do it will be completely earned.

The Devil Is Laughing 

Just go watch every scene with Ella and Lucifer in Vegas. It’s all funny.

Most shows never revisit a moment like this between two characters. We’ve known why Lucifer ran away since last season but for Chloe, that moment was left unresolved and we got to go back to Vegas with Lucifer and delve into his relationship with Candy as well. We are also uncovering gems about Ella; she counts cards, boosts cars and she also quickly mentions voices in her head. There’s so much to learn about this woman of hidden talents and deep faith. As usual, Lucifer is knocking it out of the park with their consistency and the depth they give all their characters.

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“Vegas With Some Radish”

Lucifer – S3E6 – “Vegas With Some Radish” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt and Lindsey Gort

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