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Lucifer – S3E8 – Chloe Does Lucifer

Previously on Lucifer, “Off the Record”


Everything Must Change

Despite the salacious title, this is a fairly by-the-numbers episode of Lucifer. But the formulaic nature of the episode actually underscores how much Lucifer, the character, has changed. It opens with Lucifer and Chloe seemingly about to get it on. Clothes are strewn about, there’s half-filled wine glasses and dim lighting … as Chloe and Lucifer play Monopoly with Trixie. After Trixie relegates Lucifer to being the shoe and Amenadiel points out that Lucifer is spending his nights playing board games instead of hooking up with hot ladies, he becomes determined to prove he’s a “top hat” in a world of boring shoes.

Lucifer values the surface appearance of others so when an outwardly boring computer programmer turns up dead after being matched on an elite dating site, he doesn’t want to believe that any of the “glamorous” people in her life could have done it. The movie star she was dating actually liked that she was normal. Her jet-setting roommate was a poser. And it turns out that the “creator” of the app is a pretty face that the programmer hired to sell her app. He killed her when she decided she wanted to make the app more accessible.

Nothing Remains The Same

Also having a personal crisis is Dr. Linda. She’s trying to plan her ex-husband’s funeral but she’s paralyzed by her own knowledge of the afterlife. It’s hard to plan a funeral and say the usual platitudes about being in a better place when you’ve met angels and demons and know there’s a good chance that hell is where you’ll end up (spoiler alert: her ex is definitely in hell). Dr. Linda and Amenadiel have a heart-to-heart where he assures her that there are just as many questions and uncertainties as there were before.

Charlotte is also trying to make up for her past deeds now that hell isn’t as abstract as she thought. She’s befriending Ella — in hopes that Ella can teach her how to be a better person — so she’s shadowing her. Ella does not want to be Charlotte’s “don’t be a bitch” teacher but she does try to help and inspires Charlotte to give up her position at her law firm to become a D.A. This will be ridiculous for Charlotte, but wonderful for us because now we’ll have an excuse to have Tricia Helfer around all the time. Ella also mentions that the Lieutenant’s medical leave is almost over so BRING BACK TOM WELLING!

I’ve said this before: everyone is settled into these roles so authentically so seeing these characters change feels like watching real people come to terms with how their lives have evolved. Lucifer can be the guy who plays Monopoly, and, also plays piano and has debauched sex. Dr. Linda can reconcile what she knows of the afterlife with what she knows makes people good here on earth. And Charlotte can (try) to be better and change her fate. We’re rooting for them.

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"Chloe Does Lucifer"

Lucifer – S3E08 – “Chloe Does Lucifer” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Lesley Ann Brandt

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