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‘Madre’ Premieres at SXSW, Will Stream on Netflix Late 2017

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We’re lead to believe that family is everything, and no one can never come between blood. However there are some instances when the wrong person arrives at the absolute worst time and effortlessly turns a once-manageable homestead into a house of horrors. Couple that with a sinister agenda that may include all the help and you’ve the haunting premise of Madre, which premiered at the South By Southwest Film Festival last weekend.

Directed by Aaron Burns (Knock Knock, The Green Inferno) whose experience in visual effects – specifically for projects directed by Eli Roth and Robert Rodriguez – shouldn’t give anyone any doubt that the young director can craft a visceral, unsettling yarn. In Madre, Burns’ second feature, we become acquainted with a young family with an autistic child. Four months pregnant, Diana Prieto (La Poseída’s Daniela Ramírez) is already under considerable stress due to her son Martin’s persistent outbursts. No one is able to make any progress in preventing his violent tendencies until a chance encounter with an older Filipino woman named Luz.

Initially, Diana is relieved that Luz is in their lives but in time, she suspects there’s more to the caretaker. Though her son is now calm and relatively affable, he only listens to Luz’s suggestions in Tagalog. What follows is a frenzied mother desperate to reclaim her son from the clutches of a seemingly demented old woman. Fun, right?

Currently screening for the public at SXSW, Madre will run Wednesday March 15th at 9:00PM at Alamo Lamar D, and Friday March 17th at 9:00PM at the ZACH Theater.

If you aren’t into being creeped out at the big screen or not even close to Austin this week, never fear! Madre’s global streaming rights were acquired by Netflix and the thriller will premiere sometime in 2017. Rest assured that once the film is released, you’ll be sufficiently disturbed in the comfort of your own home.

Madre was directed and written by Aaron Burns, and produced by Nicolás López and Miguel Asensio Llamas.

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