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Man of Steel: Dean Cain is Still Your Superman

Dean Cain may joke about having gone from Superman to Supergirl’s dad, but he’s still as boyishly handsome as he was on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Cain talked about how excited he is to still be apart of the Superman mythos and bringing a new aspect to television as the new Kara El’s foster father on CBS’ Supergirl this fall. Though he was tightlipped about the details, Cain did say that the tone of Supergirl is similar to Lois & Clark and he gushed about the show’s star Melissa Benoist.

Dean Cain

Nearly 20 years after the iconic superhero soap ended, Cain continues to thrive in Hollywood and he cites the changing nature of the business which allows him to work on various projects. Besides Supergirl this fall, Cain will be appearing in the upcoming Netflix series Lady Dynamite as well as continuing his role on Vh1’s Hit the Floor. As a single dad of a teenage son, the myriad of projects allows him time to be a dad and continue to do what he loves.

And part of what he loves is continuing to be a part of the mythos of Superman. He got the call for Supergirl because of Lois & Clark as well as his relationship with producer Greg Berlanti, who directed him in Broken Hearts Club. He’s also voicing Jonathan Kent in the DC Girls animated series. Cain is happy to be the Stan Lee of DCTV and carry the mantle of Superman throughout their universe. Over this very busy convention weekend, many of The Flash and Arrow cast members had been asked about possible crossovers between the shows, and I say if Supergirl can’t make a trip to Central City maybe her dad can.

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  1. Aww Dean Cain was my high school superman bae.

  2. Wizard World Philly. 2012 I think.

  3. Omg I would freak the fuck out! I had it bad for that man when I was younger! 😍

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