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Loki 4 Prez? Sure. Why Not?

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Yesterday, Marvel opened a caucus of sorts on Twitter, asking their American fans if they’d elect Asgard’s most vile, beguiling, despicable knave of a turncoat Loki Laufeyson as Commander in Chief. With the poll still open – and surprisingly going in his favor – the publishing giant also teased an upcoming series featuring the deceitful Norse god putting his hat in the race for the Presidency!


This June, Loki of Asgard is burdened once more with glorious purpose… to save the United States? Move over Donald, you’ve been trumped. YOU WILL BELIEVE! Follow #Loki2016 between now and this Summer on Twitter to learn more about Laufeyson’s political views.

They’ll likely involve absolute obedience and subjugation. However, Loki could reverse climate change and improve Obamacare to ensure all of humanity is healthy while enslaved.

What?! Just trying to find the good in the bad, people!


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