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Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest

The Marvel Universe has teamed up with a puzzle roleplaying game to create an iPhone app and it’s fantastic. Players assemble a trio of heroes to fight against a group of supervillians. It’s like Candy Crush, but for cool people. You know the drill. You match up at least three colored cubes to attack and by matching the six colors of gems, you build up energy to use for each heroes special abilities. For example, Thor’s Molnar’s Might deals 263 damage to one enemy when you have enough red energy built up. Or Ironman’s Unibeam, which deals 1419 damage. Each hero has his or her own special moves, which you’ll discover as you play.


Puzzle Quest Thor


You have three attempts to win against an opponent and there’s a reward for every battle you win. Sometimes it’s new characters to add to your team or that you can use to upgrade your current character. Sometimes it’s in-game currency you can use to unlock new heroes or to level up heroes you already own.

This is currently my biggest addiction. I love it. My only complaint about the game is that you are given only so many slots to hold your characters and you have to either sell some of your heroes or actually spend real money to add more slots. And of course I’ve spent money, because who isn’t going to spend money to unlock a slot when they’ve won a Loki? I wanted Loki, damnit!

 Puzzle Quest Loki


Some heroes are more rare than others and I wouldn’t want to pass them up. But in general, I despise games that are free-to-play, but then you have to make a lot of in-app purchases to continue playing. It’s greedy. But oh so addictive.


Thor angry.

Thor angry.


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