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Matthew’s ProFan Review: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil

The Chronicles of Vergil graphic novel is a prologue story written by Izu and the artwork done by Patrick Pion.

DmC Chronicles of Vergil

For fans of the games, this is just gravy on top of what was already a fun game. But the story follows Kat and how Vergil dragged her into a war between demons and those aware enough to fight them. Without getting spoiler-y the story is simple. Kat is a girl with strong psychic powers which make her a target of the demons. Vergil needs her to locate his brother, Dante.

I’ve played the games and this piece of literature was a great read. It’s like looking at the pre-production storyboard with text penciled in. With that in mind, the only gripe I had was the fact Vergil would call out his special attacks. While in action based games like Devil May Cry have names for attacks and combos, none of the characters ever actually vocalize them. But considering that it’s a supernatural horror, the writers could have gotten away with it if he was uttering these attacks in what some would call; “The Language of the Ancients.” You know, the Elder Gods, Cthulu, that kind of language. It probably would have played off better instead of being too much like the Power Rangers. (That shit is still cool, by the way.)

The Chronicles of Vergil

In the end, I’d recommend playing this game with this book on the side to fill in any story gaps for you. It’s not agonizingly long and it’s a great way to pass the time while you wait for your pizza to finish baking.

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