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Review: Mind The Gap Vol. 2: Wish You Were Here

Previously in Mind the Gap Vol. 1

The second volume of Mind the Gap revealed many answers, and hints at religious cult being behind the attack on Elle. The most shocking revelations come when we learn who’s behind it and who’s working to stop them.

Mind the Gap Vol 2 Cover

Elle uses the time she spends in the body of dying girl, Katie, to convince her best friend Jo that it’s really her, and in the process she uncovers the lies surrounding Katie’s accident. Once the others residing in the purgatory-like world Elle’s consciousness is living realize that she has twice now provided closure to the families of the dead, they come to Elle for help hoping she can do the same for them. Unfortunately this comes just as Elle was starting to get some answers out of Dr. Crenshaw, the psychiatrist in a coma was also Elle’s doctor but didn’t remember that. She wants to know why he failed to mention that they knew each other.

Mind the Gap Vol 2 Katie's Death

The main mystery in this series has been who attacked Elle and why. Throughout the first volume we saw that there were several shady characters who might have been the man in the hoodie, but by the end of it, Elle’s boyfriend Dane had been arrested for the crime after his father stepped forward with lies and an incriminating recording.

Dane is eventually released after his father is killed and a tape of the real conversation they had clears him. At this point, the only two people we feel aren’t hiding something are Dane and Jo.

Mind the Gap Vol 2

And that’s for good reason because as it turns out: everyone is involved. Elle’s parents are answering to some higher power only referred to as The Fifth and they need their daughter to remain in a coma for a total of four days. The biggest bombshell drops when Dane and Jo learn that Elle’s brother, Eddie, Dr. Crenshaw’s assistant Miles, and Frankie are also involved, but secretly working against the Peterssens.

They break down what they know (which isn’t as much as they’d like) and the signs all point to the involvement of some kind of religious cult called Jairus. Eddie doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s pretty sure that Elle needs to die and they need to be the ones to kill her.

Mind the Gap Jairus

Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions
  • The story moved along faster than I thought it would. The reveal that everyone we suspected was not just involved, but working together was a good one.
  • There were several references to Elle having powers and abilities, possibly having lived a very long time. Something about it reminds me of the BBCA show, Intruders.
  • There’s an interesting twist involving Eddie’s sexuality.
  • The mention of Elle having an encounter with “an old man” at one of her parents’ vacation homes suggest some sort of split personality.
  • The artwork remains some of the best I’ve ever seen. Even without the compelling story, this series would be worth the purchase just to look at it.


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  1. I can’t thank you enough for recommending this Graphic Novel. The story plays out like an interesting “who done it mystery” with supernatural elements thrown in. Characters are three dimensional (except for the mother) that we care about (again except for the mother) but the Star of the show is the Art. When I read your first review the sample images is what hooked me in and Man the art is gorgeous. I don’t know if its the artist, the colors, the ink that the graphic novel uses or what but each panel is like looking at a piece of Art.

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