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Minority Report – S1E10 -Everybody Runs

Previously on Minority Report, ‘Momento Mori’

Usually I use these little intros to rail at everyone for not watching this show. Right now, I’m just going to tell you about how much I’ve enjoyed it. The storytelling has been rich and layered, they have not let a single thread drop or languish, and if I was hopeful that the show was returning, I would praise the network’s decision to limit the run to 10 episodes because this was a tight ten episodes.


So remember a few weeks ago when I was like “Dang, Arthur, why are you so cold to Wally? I thought he was y’alls homeboy.” Well it turns out of the many betrayals the precogs have had to deal with, Wally was the first. He was recruited from the inception of the pre-crime program and transitioned (read: lied to) the precogs as they were put in the milkbath for an indefinite amount of time. It adds a new layer of dimension to Wally’s character. He’s not just the kindly man who took care of them; he’s their first parental figure and the person who sent them into their prison. Essentially, Wally helping Dash and Vega has been his atonement.

Keep that in mind for what comes next. A second attack by Memento Mori is imminent. Agent Blomfeld is hot on the precogs’ tails. Basically, it’s all coming to a head. They know that Congress is the target. Dash wants to help the police figure out where the next attack will happen, but all he keeps seeing is a “minority report” of a girl on a swing. Vega wants Dash and his siblings to get out of the city but Blomfeld has the city on alert looking for them.


The tables start to turn when Vega and the precogs realize that Blomfeld has gone rogue. Since his search for them isn’t sanctioned by the D.I.A., they have the upper hand. When Blomfeld moves in to grab Dash, Arthur and his personal Black Widow, Andromeda, take them down. The precogs agree to go in the milkbath and help, but just the once and they’ll only give their intelligence to Vega. They get into the milkbath and it turns out that Dash’s minority report helps them figure out the location of the attack, a secret bunker underneath the playground. Vega is able to stop the attack but Blomfeld has back up and their plan is to take the precogs to his independent contractor.

"The Devil In The Details"

Image: FOX

Now here’s where it gets really good. The precogs are able to take down Blomfeld and his men, injecting them with the drugs they use to keep them sedated. Unfortunately, Blomfeld’s men kill Andromeda first so Arthur is ready for some vengeance. Cooler heads prevail and they decide that the precogs will leave without telling Vega where they’re going and they’ll leave Blomfeld in the milkbath until he wakes up. While Dash, Agatha and Vega are saying their goodbyes, the precogs get hit with a vision of Blomfeld dying and guess whodunit? … WALLY! (Just savage)

Kudos to the writers for bringing this story full circle. Wally’s act of vengeance is both beautiful and twisted. He’s atoning for his initial betrayal by making sure the precogs are safe and at the same time, putting them in a near impossible situation as they’ll be forced to run and/or cover up this death. It was a great way to close the season while opening up so many stories for a second series. 


Mentionable Mentionables 

  • I haven’t talked about Arthur’s bodyguard, Andromeda much because she’s just kind of lurked in the background but it was great to see how much Arthur actually cared for her. It was also nice how the show contrasted her with Akeela. As the two Asian women on the show, they both play somewhat atypical roles.
  • Christopher Heyerdahl struck the perfect chord as Memento Mori’s operative Dr. Gray. His role was basically to keep our protagonists running in circles but he managed to be compelling in every scene.
  • If there is another season, they still have to grapple with this issue of pre-crime and profiling. The information the pre-cogs provided did stop the attack but there’s always the danger that trying to prevent all the death will lead to the precogs being imprisoned. Also death has to happen. Again, why aren’t you guys watching this show that’s asking great questions?
  • I love that the final moment is Vega looking back at Wally and the milkbath. She’s always been our heroine and it shows in that moment.


Minority Report S1E10
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Performances - 10/10


This season has been incredibly well crafted. Each story has built on the next and I think every character has gotten a moment to shine. I hope that current fans and some hiatus binge watching will convince the powers that be that this deserves another go. #RenewMinorityReport

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