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Minority Report – S1E4 – Fredi

Previously on Minority Report, ‘Hawk-Eye’

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that ratings for this show are down. This makes no sense to me because I think the show becomes more engaging with each passing week. Why don’t you guys want to watch pretty people solve crimes in the future?! 

“Sorry Anoushka”

As if the writers knew this was the episode to push the sexy, we open with Arthur getting it on in his apartment when Dash interrupts for a quick chat about Agatha’s visions. This is mainly to set up Dash conflict for the rest of the episode: Vega is the only person who he can connect with but she may also be the person who is destined to betray him so he can’t open up to her.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

“Has Dash actually had a job before?”

With that, Dash heads off to his official first day at work with Vega. Now that Akeela is on the team, the three of them along with Wally are able to track down the info from Dash’s visions without running to Arthur or Agatha, which was an issue I was hoping to resolve because the tit-for-tat favors couldn’t go on indefinitely. The vision leads them to a rich philanthropist named Cayman Bello, played by Andrew J. West who recaptures that same smarminess that made me dislike him on The Walking Dead. This week’s intended victim is his assistant Fredi, who Dash takes an immediate shine to.

“She better be nice to him”

Now remember two weeks ago when Vega and Dash went to that club and they were matched at about 50% compatible? Well I guess that percentage has gone up because there is definitely some jealousy at Dash’s interest in Fredi. Although he can’t be completely open with her, Dash is able to connect with Fredi using bits and pieces of his own personal history to create some common ground with her. Turns out that she’s working with Cayman to find proof that he was there the night her sister overdosed. Dash helps her get the tools she needs to bypass Cayman’s security. And they also hit the sheets. I don’t know about anyone else, but I cheered. Dash is super awkward but he’s incredibly sweet and has been isolated. He needs some practice. 


“You still have a choice”

While Dash is romancing and planning a breaking and entering, Vega and Akeela are researching the death of Fredi’s sister and they find out Fredi hasn’t told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Fredi isn’t the intended victim but the potential killer. When Vega brings the info to Dash, he’s too sprung to see the truth. When things go sideways at Cayman’s house, Dash manages to convince Fredi not to kill him and she flees. And Dash doesn’t end up getting arrested because Vega finds evidence that Cayman was involved in the death of Fredi’s sister because of his Spotify account. The whole theme of what is choice and what is destiny is heavily at play. Dash can’t open up to Vega because she might be the reason they end up back in Pre-crime, but every time he opens up, he gives her more reason to see him as a person and not a tool.



On the Island of Misfit Toys, Agatha is still blackmailing William Mapother into doing her dirty work. He breaks into a government building to get the schematics of the pre-cog milkbath and then she sets him up to get caught by the police and killed, which is a great way to tie up loose ends. At this point, Agatha is the biggest criminal mastermind on this show.

Mentionable Mentionables: 

  • Wil(mer) is keeping a close eye on Dash and Vega’s partnership
  • Wally points out that Akeela tattooed her face to avoid facial recognition. This plays into the theory that she’s a former hacker and criminal.
  • Vega continues to realize just how much Dash has been affected by his time in Pre-Crime and the toll the visions take on him.
  • Can we talk about Dash in a suit! Stark Sands looked hot! And I think it was Louis Vuitton. Apparently Louis V is timeless.
  • Also, since we’ve discussed it before, I really liked Fredi’s outfits and I did notice that she struck a nice balance between futuristic, fashionable and professional.

Future Tech: 

  • The selfie drone makes a reappearance!
  • Dash uses Vega’s high tech lens. They’re like Google Glass in your eye. They can also be combined with an earpiece for recording.
  • Dash and Fredi use a DNA sample to recreate Cayman’s eyeball and that gets them pass his security system. Cool and gross.
  • Not tech, but Obama is on the $500 bill in the future and there’s a woman on the $100 I couldn’t identify.
Minority Report S1E4
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Pacing - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


This show continues to become more engaging with each episode. Dash and Fredi had great chemistry. Lots of cool future tech in this episodes. Hopefully, viewership will pick up.

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