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Minority Report – S1E6 – Fiddler’s Neck

Previously on Minority Report, ‘The Present’

This entire episode takes place on the Island of Misfit toys and boy did Arthur ever get it right with that moniker. Although this episode focuses on Agatha, the case brings the twins, Vega, and Agatha together for the first time and the results were awesome.

Minority Report S1E6 - Vega and Dash

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Spilling the Tea

Colloquially “spilling the tea” means sharing the gossip. I don’t know if the producers of this show were making a visual play on words, but Agatha is making some tea when she has a vision of someone dying with the face of a gorgeous man hovering over her. The man, we find out in flashback, is Agatha’s first love, Brian, and all the tea is about to spill because Arthur, Vega, and Dash are coming to the Island of Misfit Toys to help save his daughter, the potential victim.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX/Screenshots

You girls have fun”

Vega, Arthur, and Dash get one step closer to my threesome goals, I mean, they take the ferry over to Fiddler’s Neck to help Agatha. Although Arthur tries to act like he doesn’t want Vega there, he and everyone else is interested in seeing how Agatha and Vega deal with each other face-to-face. Basically, Vega reiterates her “I would never hurt Dash” refrain and after watching how dogged Vega is when it comes to saving lives, Agatha reluctantly comes around.

Agatha and Vega

Meanwhile, the boys are on their own mission when they cross the paths with the Island’s lawmen who are basically a bunch of smugglers and thieves themselves. Because Arthur is no stranger to skirting the law, he immediately realizes that these guys are the real culprits and showing up with a cop has made them squirrelly. They’ve been shaking down Brian and his new wife, and they’d planned to poison his family to get their way. Working together and using their precognitive abilities, Agatha, Arthur, Dash and Vega take them down when they try to assault the family.

“I also saw them, and how happy you would be with them”

Interspersed throughout are flashbacks to Agatha (with her cute, kicky flashback haircut) and Brian’s courtship and break up. You can tell she’s happier in the past because present-day Agatha has a sad braid in her hair. Laura Regan plays Agatha’s heartache beautifully. In the end, she tells Brian that she didn’t leave him because she couldn’t see their future together, but instead because she also saw his future with his family and she wanted that for him.

Agatha and Brian

“I’m good Akeela, you’re a high school freshman”

Back in DC, Akeela goes to Wally to dig up some dirt on Wil(mer) and find out why the DIA is investigating him. Turns out, Vega and Dash being too good at their jobs has aroused suspicion and Wil(mer) is being investigated because everyone knows he’s not that good of a leader to be producing these stats. I’ve been saying this for a week now, but Dash and Vega need to let a couple of people die to keep their cover going.


Mentionable Mentionables

  • We find out that Wally is one of the 1 percent. He was born into money and earned even more even though he lives in that janky house. He and Akeela are becoming an interesting duo.
  • Fiddler’s Neck is a cross between a hippie commune and a thieves sanctuary. It seems to be populated by people who actually want to change and those who want to be able to operate without the law. I also laughed out loud when Vega thought the corn was too small to be real. Apparently, we do not eradicate GMOs.
  • Even though Arthur was incredibly rude to Wally last week, we can see how protective he is of his family. He was genuinely surprised to find out Agatha had been in love with Brian and he protects her like an older brother instead of a younger one.
  • Each of the Precogs experiences their visions differently. Dash sees the details and snippets, Arthur gets names and numbers, but Agatha is actually in the place of the victim. She experiences the death as if she is the one being killed. It gives more urgency to why she wouldn’t want to go back in the milkbath.
  • This team up was so awesome I’m starting a band called Vega and the Precogs.

Not a lot future tech this week since we were in the hippie, non-GMO land of thieves.

Minority Report S1E6
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Even though this was a pretty straightforward episode, it brought together characters that haven’t had lots of interaction and really brought its A game in terms of performances. We needed to see a softer side of Agatha since she’s been this quiet, almost villainous, force so far. And clearly we are moving towards her vision of the milkbath so it will be interesting to see her and Vega trying to stop the inevitable.

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