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Moonshine and a Movie – Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers | Poster

“Just pretend like it’s a video game. Act like you’re in a movie or something.”

Can I tell you how often I believe these words actually go through the minds of the young?I’m not just referring to Kids These Days. I’m talking about anyone that has survived being young and dumb since this technology has existed. The mental music video playing through the good times before mortality becomes a reality.

Spring Breakers

Unfortunately, each new generation finds another level to take the actions of being “carefree”. Spring Breakers has received a lot of criticism for being exploitive. I can’t help but wonder if those speaking out negatively have ever been to spring break. Sweatpants broadcasting DTF, sharing drinks with strangers, finding girls that have discovered their bikinis are just too damn hot on the beach, drugs strung around a hotel room, violence… these are a reality for many of the “kids” cutting loose every year on the beaches of our country.

Spring Breakers | Sunset

Accept that and you can really sit back to enjoy the tale of selfish mahem the Spring Breakers‘ girls trail across the screen. Pegged as The Disney Girls Go Wild; many will be surprised to find Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and their pals Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine can actually act. They run the gambit between naive and entitled telling story of four friends trying to “find themselves” in the most worthless destination of all.

Where they eventually find themselves is in a world of trouble. For many, flashing blue and red lights equal the end of the tale. For this crew, it is only the beginning.

Spring Breakers | Arrest

When your savior shows in the guise of K-Fed, calls himself Alien, and is flanked by the creepiest version of double vision personified; you should probably take a moment to evaluate where you are in your life. (A moment to applaud James Franco’s performance here. Even his accent is spot on to those familiar with the shadier areas of Florida)

Spring Breakers | Guns

Not our girls. Their instincts are reliably TERRIBLE. They are living in an alternate reality. They are impulsive. They are materialistic and entitled. But they are also totally devoted to their friendships. Just when you think the girls have crossed the line to irredeemable, they pull out all the stops and go flat nuts on behalf of those they hold closest. (Loyalty is a trait I personally applaud)

Spring Breakers is fun. The story is not necessarily plausible but the motives of the characters are fully believable. There are quite a few stand out moments but my two favorites involve Alien (did I mention James Franco was amazing in this role?)

Alien’s “Look At My Shit” monologue is the most hilarious representation I have ever seen of what I feel is wrong with our country today.

Spring Breakers | Weapons

I never followed Britney Spears but I have to say the montage to her Everytime is flat brilliant. Reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange using Singing In The Rain to add a layer of innocense to a scene drenched in violence; this sequence is truly haunting and has left the song popping into my head at random times since viewing. I wish I could share the actual clip with you but no such beast exists. Perhaps if you agree with Alien that Spears is “One of the greatest singers of all time, and an angel if there ever was one on this earth” this taste will tide you over until you have a chance to experience the full impact of this scene.

Spring Breakers is available on BluRay and DVD. It is pegged as a comedy, but I do not recommend going into this looking for nothing but belly laughs.

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  1. This movie made me wish for the terrible, prolonged, painful death of James Franco. Again.

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