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Moonshine and a Movie: The Baytown Outlaws

Welcome to Moonshine and a Movie. I am a huge fan of the Dixon brothers from The Walking Dead and other Can’t-Help-But-Love-‘Em redneck characters. In these segments, I will be reviewing films that many consider a guilty pleasure. Rednecks, hicks, trailer trash… who cares what they are called? All are welcome and many genres will be encompassed.

First up is The Baytown Outlaws. This film walks a fine line. I have seen hateful reviews full of “This is sexist/racist/portrays Southerners as ignorant asses.” I don’t think these folks saw the same movie. That or they didn’t finish it. Or maybe they are just a level of sensitive I don’t quite reach. I don’t really know.

Here’s what I do know: Sometimes a movie, is just a movie.  Gloriously filled with nothing but a story to follow and actors to travel with.  Not everything has to have a hidden political message. Not every actor will end up walking away with an Oscar. That doesn’t mean we can’t love every fun-filled moment of film we are offered.

The Baytown Outlaws is just such a story. I love this movie.  Love. It. Any movie that opens with Clutch playing for the opening sequence has a fast track to my heart.  No time is wasted submerging us in humor and mayhem as the three Oodie brothers (Brick – Clayne Crawford, McQueen – Travis Flimmel, and Lincoln – Daniel Cudmore) barrel through a drug dealer’s house like they are 10 feet tall and bulletproof.  (To be fair, Lincoln may come close to those stats).

The Baytown Outlaws


Though they completely muck up their mercenary mission, they do manage to catch the eye of Celeste (Eva Longoria) who is in need of hired muscle to rescue her godson Rob from her estranged husband Carlos (Billy Bob Thornton).


The Baytown Outlaws Eva Longoria

Like the Oodie brothers, you may wonder why Celeste didn’t simply go to the police with this request. Carlos is desperate to maintain a hold on Rob’s inheritence as the financial base for his criminal empire. Rob is a charming teen who wins the brothers’ hearts and once you see the menagerie of criminals Carlos has on speed dial, you will completely understand. Also working against the Oodies is a Federal Agent who finds the brothers’ history worthy of a closer look. With trouble ahead and trouble behind, the trio have no choice but to lead Celeste’s godson Rob on the adventure of and for his life.

The Baytown Outlaws Andre Braugher

This movie works because the cast is absolutely fantastic. The Oodie brothers say REALLY insulting things in the most offhand manner.  As the story progresses, you learn that this is complete ignorance and a few subtle touching moments show that they are completely redeemable to humanity if only they have a chance to be exposed to life other than the backwoods shack they have spent most of their time in. Carlos, on the other hand, is an asshole. Sadly, to date there is no cure for asshole, but I have faith in Science.

The Baytown Outlaws has been available on BluRay and DVD since December 2012.


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