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Ms. Marvel (2015) #14

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Ms Marvel #14

Once again, G. Willow Wilson has found a way to incorporate real-life issues that teenagers face into Kamala Khan’s fantastic world of superheroes, gods, and aliens – and she did it wonderfully.

Without her mentors and best friend, Kamala has immersed herself in World of Battlecraft, getting lost in guild raids and epic loot. When one of her guild members tosses out an offhand remark that suggests he or she knows Kamala’s real name and where she lives, Ms. Marvel investigates.

Tyesha is concerned

He search leads to another gamer who claims to have been hacked. Kamala wonders if it’s random or if she’s being targeted. Her answer soon comes when every bit of computer-connected technology she encounters turns against her. We’ve heard the dangers of the Internet of Things, and it appears to be Kamala’s current nightmare. Nowhere is safe – not even her previous safe haven with Bruno.

Though we didn’t get much in the way of the supporting characters in Ms. Marvel, the small bit of Tyesha we did get was great. A few panels go a long way in developing Kamala’s relationship with her concerned sister-in-law.

This series continues to be topical and should be required reading for young people, both girls and boys.

Kamala investigates

Ms. Marvel #14
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    Plot - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10

"Damage Per Second - Part 1"

Ms. Marvel #14 – “Damage Per Second – Part 1 of 4” | Writer: G. Willow Wilson | Artist: Takeshi Myazawa | Color Artist: Ian Herring | Lettering: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Cover Artists: Nelson Blake II and Rachelle Rosenberg

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