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Ms. Marvel – Vol.3 #17

Previously in Ms. Marvel #16

Ms. Marvel #17 Cover

For all of her successes, Kamala Khan is still learning. She’s had some valuable lesson delivered by Wolverine, Sheikh Abdullah, and now her idol, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), who is just as impressed with Kamala.

In Last Days (part two), Captain Marvel arrives in Jersey City to warn Kamala about the incursion, and Kamala learns that sometimes you won’t be able to stop the bad thing from happening. All you can do control is how you choose to handle it. Of course, Kamala decides to do her best to protect the people she loves as much as – and for as long as – she can.

Kamala Meets Captain Marvel

She convinces Captain Marvel to help her locate her kidnapped brother, taken by her ex-crush (and fellow Inhuman), Kamran. Along the way they redirect some would-be electrician/thieves to the high school where they can put their talents to use for good and not stupid. And they stop to rescue what they thought was a crying baby, but instead find kittens left behind in the panic.

Kamala gets another first lesson: You won’t be able to save everyone. The sadness and vulnerability Kamala displays as Captain Marvel explains this are just a few of the reasons her character has become so beloved, so quickly.

Cant save them all

Eventually, the two narrow their search to the right waterfront warehouse and after a quick confrontation with Kaboom (Seriously, girl. Change the name.), they find Aamir. But they’re too late. He’s already unconscious and surrounded by terrigen mist.

More than ever, I can’t wait to see how Ms. Marvel makes it through Secret Wars.

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