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Ms. Marvel – Vol.3 #18

Previously in Ms. Marvel #17

Ms. Marvel #18

Thankfully, for all concerned, Kamran is an idiot.

When Kamala and Captain Marvel find him and Aamir, Kamala’s brother isn’t knocked out by Terrigen Mist as previously thought. Whatever Kamran swiped from New Attilan won’t turn Aamir Inhuman, but the bad news is there’s no telling what it will do to him.

Aamir With Powers

Aamir finally awakens and there are surprises all around. He’s not Inhuman, but he does have an ability to create force fields strong enough to send everyone flying. Also, he’s not about that superhero life. He tells Kamran thanks, but no thanks, and also reminds him that he’s not really here for him. He never trusted him, never liked him, and definitely didn’t think he was good enough for his sister. The latter is news to Kamala, who always assumed Aamir hated her.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#4A7097″ class=”” size=””]”A lot of people think you’re something special, and now I see why.” – Captain Marvel[/pullquote]

Captain Marvel quickly reminds her, “He’s your big brother. He’s on your side, kiddo.”

Aamir uses his new power to get rid of Kamran, and then promptly passes the hell out – a nasty side-effect of the mystery fumes.

Kamala and Carol take him to the school where Bruno and the others shuffle him off to the nurse’s office with the hopes that his allergic reaction will wear off quickly. Kamala asks Carol to stay, but of course, she can’t.

She gives Kamala a pendant that is a mix of her star and Kamala’s lightning bolt. She cautions Kamala to prepare herself for the worst possible outcome before leaving.

Kamala and Carol

Back with her brother and friends, Kamala has to listen to a few I Told You Sos from Aamir, who also double downs on the whole “I don’t need no stinking superpowers.” He’s happy with who he is and doesn’t need anything to make him feel special or like someone else. Well, damn. Who knew Aamir would turn out to be so fucking awesome?

Of course, he’s still her bring brother so he waxes on about how she has no idea how it feels to wake up with powers, completely unaware that his sister has not only saved his ass, but the entire city quite a few times.

Kamala Wouldnt Understand

When her parents arrive and focus all of their attention on Aamir, and even blame her for not looking after him (How, Sway?!), Kamala quickly realizes that it will do no good to spend what might be their final moments together fighting. She takes her lumps and then confesses to her mother that she’s Ms. Marvel.

And mama is all, “Girl, please. Tell me something I don’t know.”


Overall Thoughts:

  • If you are not completely in love with Kamala Khan you are reading wrong. Go somewhere quiet, think about your life choices, and read this series again. She is every teenage girl ever: self-conscious, hopeful, vulnerable, stronger than she knows, adorable, and badass. I love that this chapter in Kamala’s story didn’t wrap up before her idol could tell her how amazing she is.
  • Game-score-10Can we talk about Aamir’s bars? WHO KNEW? I found myself cheering and fist pumping when he was jumping in Kamran’s ass. Ugh. That guy. The WORST. But Aamir’s big brother instincts kicked in and not only did he tell Kamran what he could do with his “gift” of superpowers, he reminded him he’s not good enough for Kamala. Damn right. You go, Aamir. And kudos to Wilson for allowing Aamir to be just as he is and FINE WITH IT. That’s refreshing.
  • Mama always knows. A shock, but a sweet one. I can’t wait to find out how she knew in the finale. And I’m dying to see how this all plays out after Secret Wars ends. Let’s not forget, the necklace given to Kamala is also a GPS tracker. Nice.
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