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Ms. Marvel #23/#24

Previously in Ms. Marvel #22

The “Northeast Corridor” arc immediately catches up with two characters we haven’t seen in awhile. First, Bruno is out there living his best Wakandan life as he’s been granted the rare honor of permanent residency. And Kamala is surprised to see Kareem, the boy staying with her family in Karachi. He’s the new exchange student at her high school. Kareem barely has a chance to warm his desk chair when a runaway train threatens to cause major death and damage. Of course, he’s not the only student dipping out to handle the crisis and Kamala is just as surprised to see the Red Dagger show up when she tries to stop the train. The two manage to work together even though Kamala is less than pleased he’s on her turf.

Even though she’s been struggling with self-doubt, Kamala still does whatever it takes to divert and stop the train without anyone getting hurt, putting herself in danger each time. Kareem is smitten, and it appears the feeling may be mutual, but their lives go on the line every time we’re about to find out.

Once the day is saved, all the media wants to focus on is the new superhero in town with the great hair — even though Kamala did most of the heavy lifting, literally. Watching him be surrounded and fawned over by the press just reminds Kamala that she used to have that kind of relationship with the media.

How can Kamala move forward? How can she adjust to how her role of savior has changed in the eyes of her community? These are questions Kamala wants to answer as she prepares to leave town in order to gain perspective. It’s not an easy decision, but she’s able to make because she knows the Red Dagger will look out for Jersey City.

Once again, issues and arcs that focus on Kamala maturing as a person and a superhero are the best. Between Bruno leaving and her brother’s impending move and new baby, Kamala’s affected by severe change. Kudos to G. Willow Wilson for acknowledging that and making Kamala smart enough, and brave enough, to practice a bit of self care.

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"Northeast Corridor, Parts 1 & 4"

Ms. Marvel #23 and #24 | Northeast Corridor, parts 1 and 2 | Writer: G. Willow Wilson | Artist: Diego Olortegui | Color Artist: Ian Herring | Lettering: VCs

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