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Ms. Marvel – Vol. 3 #10

Previously in Issue #9

Ms. Marvel #10 Cover

I would love to see Kamala on Agents of SHIELD.

I know this has nothing to do with the issue, but while reading it I realized I would love to see Kamala Khan on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. They’re almost certainly about to dive into The Inhumans and considering what Kamala just learned about her origins… well, I think it would be awesome. Probably won’t happen, though. But a girl can dream.

Anyway, this issue begins with Kamala displaying serious WTF face. The runaways she “saved” from The Inventor claim they want to be used as an energy source. He has convinced the poor kids that their lives are worthless and by powering his inventions they finally have purpose.

Kamala and the runaways

Kamala ain’t tryna hear that. The Inventor set the building to explode should it become compromised and the explosion interrupts her rousing speech to the runaways. As she tries to lead them to safety, The Inventor arrives. He’s spent a lot of time studying Kamala so he’s able to anticipate and counteract her every move. In the end, he takes off with Lockjaw.

The Inventor Arrives

Lockjaw taken

Kamala convinces the runaways that they can each have a purpose bigger than being a human battery. She uses their interests and talents to show them how they can be used for something better.

My favorite? 

“I’m good at doing the jobs nobody else wants because they’re dangerous and stupid!” 

“Future president.” 

In a Mission Impossible style sequence, the runaways talk Kamala through infiltrating The Inventor’s secret lair. But as he pointed out earlier, The Inventor has been watching Kamala and has booby traps set. When she finally breaks through, with her gang of newly motivated runaways behind her, The Inventor pulls one last trick from his sleeve. He has them surrounded… and he has a ton of runaways already locked in pods and fueling his attack robot.

Kamala's Pep Talk

Kamala Sneaks In

One Last Trick

Score | 10/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • I love the callback to The Inventor tracking Kamala in a previous issue. It was something that seemed fairly unimportant at the time, but has major importance here as he is able to counter her every move. And it makes sense that someone who considers himself a scientist would observe and learn.
  • Kamala’s pep talk to the runaways was great. The fact that she started it with, “Okay. Real talk time,” just made me love her more.
  • The infiltration sequence was awesome. She’s awkward, but still a hero.
  • I’m happy this arc comes to an end next issue. I want to know more about Kamala’s Inhuman origins!

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