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Ms. Marvel – Vol. 3 #11

Previously in Issue #10


ms marvel 11 cover

The Generation Why arc came to a predictable, but satisfying, end in this issue.

The Inventor boasts about more than studying Kamala for weeks to learn her weaknesses, he also reveals that he snatched a few people from the school as he suspects it, and the people there, are close to her secret identity. Kamala is crushed to see that Nakia is among them.

Since Kamala has rallied the runaway teens The Inventor had been using to fuel his machines, they attack his giant robot from the outside while Kamala makes herself small so that she can fit inside of it. The Inventor wasn’t the only one paying attention to how Kamala works. She realizes that being big and hitting things won’t help her here.

The Inventors Hostages

Kamala tangled

Kamala also has an epiphany as she’s wound through the inner workings of the robot: no one can do it alone. There are reasons superheroes eventually end up in groups. There’s no shame is asking for help. And that’s exactly what she does when she sends a distress message to Bruno, who in turn calls the cops. Between them, and Lockjaw, Kamala is able to free herself and take down The Inventor – who dresses like Mr. Furley for some reason I can’t fathom. Also, is he a bird?

The Inventor

The heart of this story is one that plagues every generation when they’re of a certain age: tons of expectations on you to be better than those before you, to innovate and change the world. Yet, at the same time, you’re at the age where no one really expects much of you. Why should they when you’re constantly Instagramming selfies and pictures of your food? It’s that kind of thinking that led The Inventor to truly underestimate the people he was using. Kamala showed them that they have value and that there’s nothing they can’t accomplish when working together.

Ms Marvel Saves the Day


Overall Thoughts: 
  • Of course it can’t be that simple. No one stopped to think who invented The Inventor – and I mean, seriously, IS he a bird? And as Kamala says, “There’ll always be another bad guy.”
  • It’s a bit disappointing to see how much characters like Bruno and Nakia remained in the background until they were needed to push forward the plot. It would have been nice to see a bit more of them so that they felt like real people and not just plot devices.
  • The special Valentine’s Day issue will be out next and it features Loki. Aw, yeah.
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