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Ms. Marvel – Vol.3 #14

Previously in Ms. Marvel #13

Ms. Marvel #14 Cover

Crushed (part 2 or 3) left me crushed. I was rooting for you, Kamran! We were all rooting for you! *Tyra Banks voice*

Kamran is an Inhuman, too. He was changed by the same mist as Kamala, on the same night. Kamala is thrilled. Suddenly, she’s not alone anymore. Not only is he also half-Inhuman, he’s a nerdy Pakistani-American with the same expectations placed upon him to honor his family. She finally has someone she can talk to about stuff like how it felt to seriously injure someone (Kaboom).

Except Kamran may not be the best confidant. He convinces her to sneak out with him at night and seems to miss her point about how it felt wrong to hurt someone physically weaker than her, even though they were committing a crime. Kamran was already getting two major side-eyes from me.

Show Me Yours

But Kamala is blinded by the stars in her eyes and the kiss that almost happened.

Not blind? Her brother, Aamir, who immediately senses trouble with a boy who would persuade Kamala to run off alone with him, despite knowing the rules. When Kamran whisks Kamala off to school in his fancy car, Aamir has a bro-to-bro chat with Bruno, who is devastated by Kamala’s fascination with Kamran.

Aamir is well aware of how Bruno feels about his sister, but he has to break it to him bluntly: it ain’t ever gonna happen. He’s an Italian Catholic and she’s a Pakistani Muslim. Her parents ain’t tryna hear that shit. Even though they like Bruno and trust him, they will never consider him a suitable mate for their daughter. Interestingly, Bruno brings up the fact that his grandparents were also extremely religious immigrants so he and Kamala have a lot in common. But Aamir says those things don’t matter. In the end, her family will want her with someone like them and they want her to be proud of heritage.

Poor Bruno.

Aamir and Bruno

Meanwhile, shady-ass Kamran isn’t taking Kamala to school like he said. When she realizes this, she’s appropriately freaked out and demands to be let out of the car. Kamran starts spouting rhetoric which sounds a lot like the crap Kaboom was trying to sell. He incapacitates Kamala with his power and she wakes up in a cell.

She briefly wonders if she’s on New Attilan, but reasons Queen Medusa wouldn’t treat her this way. She embiggens her way out, takes out the two guards standing watch, and rushes for what she hopes is an exit. She’s shocked by Kamran once again and taken to see the person in charge. His name is Lineage.

P.S. Kaboom is there in a neck brace, looking salty as hell.

Kamran Is Not Cool

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • I really enjoyed Aamir in this issue. Not that I agreed with his willingness to see his parents views as they way things need to be, but I like that we got to see how aware he is. He’s not just the goofball older bro for comic relief. I do believe his talk with Bruno was because he cared.
  • The moment Kamran got Kamala to sneak out of her bedroom window, I knew his ass was trouble. 25 years ago, I would have found that romantic. But the 40-year-old mother of two was like, “Any boy who would make you do things you’re not supposed to, isn’t good for you!” #ImOld
  • I love Kamala because she’s not perfect. She is a teenage girl who might be easily swayed by a cute boy, but it was great to see her stand up for herself when she realized he was taking her somewhere without her permission. I also love that she felt bad about hurting someone, even a villain.
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