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Ms. Marvel – Vol.3 #3

I took so long to review issue #3 of Ms. Marvel that issue #4 is already out! Sorry about that.

This issue, ‘Side Entrance,’ is my favorite so far. While Kamala tries to make sense of the changes she’s going through, life is going on around her, completely unconcerned with her new superpowers. Her parents are still upset with her for sneaking out; the whole town is talking about Zoe’s close call and rescue by someone “dressed like Ms. Marvel.’; and there’s this weird tension between her and Bruno since he snitched her out to her parents.

One of the things I enjoyed most in this issue was Kamala’s ability to use her brains and not the powers she can’t yet control to get out of a sticky situation. It’s a great message for young girls that big brains will always be valuable and always trump brawn.

Kamala Khan

Another nice touch was Kamala calling out the Sheikh leading her youth lecture – why must the women use the side entrance and be separated from the men by a partition during the lecture? He says it’s to preserve their modesty and dignity. When she points out that this wasn’t how it was done at the prophet’s mosque, he blames these times of temptation and scandal. Interesting that they both use these modern times as a defense in their argument. It’s because it’s a new time, a new world, that Kamala feels separating the men and women is wrong.

Ms. Marvel #3

What really set this issue apart from the others – besides the high laugh out loud factor – was the cliffhanger ending. Kamala is shot when she tries to break up what she thinks is an armed robbery in progress. I’m anxious to dive into issue #4 to find out what happens next. I’ll have that review up in a few days.

Ms. Marvel #3 Final Page

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