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Ms. Marvel – Vol.3 #4

Ms. Marvel #4 Cover

Ms. Marvel #4, ‘Past Curfew,’ wastes no time in getting to the aftermath of Kamala being shot. Before she can stop him, Bruno calls the police and allows his brother Vick (who shot Kamala in a botched robbery) to run off. When Kamala transforms back to her true self, Bruno is shocked and offended that his closest friend didn’t trust him with her secret.

Ms Marvel #4 Pic 1

That is the mark of a true best friend: blown away by your secret, but more pissed off that you had a secret to begin with. Once Kamala is back in her true form, she realizes that her body has started to heal itself. Then we get a look at this facial expression I’ve come to love on Kamala as she digs the bullet out the back of her pants.

Ms. Marvel #4 Pic 2

After disguising herself, Kamala convinces the cops that she’s Ms. Marvel and that everything is under control. She confronts Bruno about Vick’s actions and learns he’s been mixed up in some serious trouble with someone called The Inventor. Kamala is a superhero now so after fashioning her own crime-fighting outfit, and against Bruno’s advice, she decides she’s going to get to the bottom of it.

Ms. Marvel #4 Pic 3

And while Kamala has come a ways in controlling her powers, she’s still not quite there and ends up face-to-face with The Inventor, and he’s a bad guy. It says so on his shirt!

Ms Marvel #4 Pic 4


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