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Ms. Marvel – Vol.3 #7

As much as I’ve been enjoying this series, it was bound to happen. I’ve finally read an issue I didn’t like. It’s not just the new art here, but the story didn’t feel as if it were moving forward. Kamala has spent too much damn time in the sewers, and the addition of Wolverine has worn a bit thin.

Ms. Marvel #7

While this wasn’t my favorite issue, it wasn’t without it’s high points. Kamala and Wolverine are trapped by a giant, mutated alligator and it’s Kamala who saves them and not just once. She even carries Wolverine when the grouchy hero reveals he can’t swim. Instead of him coming to her rescue, Kamala uses her new powers, but mostly her brain, to take the lead.

Ms. Marvel 7.1

Ms. Marvel 7.2

Wolverine suggests they try to find The Inventor’s power source so they can destroy it and put a stop to his underground shenanigans, but things become complicated when they find a young girl is the power source – and not just any girl, but the one Wolverine has been sent to find. While he takes Jane home, Kamala vows to find out where The Inventor is keeping the other runaways.

One development: Wolverine tells Captain America and Medusa about Kamala and they refer to her as an inhuman who has no idea what she is or what she’s capable of. They decide to send Kamala a companion to be their eyes and ears as she develops. Things should get interesting.

Ms. Marvel 7.4

Score | 6.5/10

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