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Ms. Marvel Vol. 3 #9

Well, I sure didn’t see that coming.

Ms. Marvel #9 Cover

When we last saw Kamala, her school had just been attacked by one of the Inventor’s giant robots. Without her disguise, and with her healing abilities losing juice, Kamala is forced to fight the robot while trying to keep her friends and the nearby police from seeing her face. She’s also in a tough spot because she wants to stop the robot from causing further harm, but she also knows theres a person in there feeding it energy.

Robot School Fight

Victory doesn’t come easy and Kamala passes out as soon as it’s over. Thankfully, Bruno is there and Lockjaw called for Medusa as the battle took place. Lockjaw transports them all to New Attilan, what Bruno describes as “that crazy art deco alien city in the river.” Kamala remains under the care of an alien physician named Vinatos and Medusa, the Ruler of New Attilan and Queen of the Inhumans.

Great issue, but Kamala rushing into danger with little to no information is getting a bit old.

When Kamala awakens she learns that she is an Inhuman, not a mutant. Wolverine suspected as much and that’s why Medusa has been keeping a careful eye on her. She wants Kamala to stay there to heal and learn, to leave The Inventor to those more experienced. Kamala refuses. He attacked her school while her friends were inside – this beef is now personal.

photo 3

Armed with a new suit courtesy of Vinatos, Kamala convinces Vick to take her back to the house where she tried to rescue him the first time. There are dozens of homeless kids living inside and she’s determined to free them, but first she has to take out The Inventor’s biggest monster yet. And when she does, Kamala is stunned to find the kids have no interest in being rescued.

Kamala Rescue

Score | 8/10This issue was great, but I have to knock off a few points for Kamala, once again, rushing into a dangerous situation with little to no info only to have it barely work out in the end. Also, I understand she feels like The Inventor started it and she wants to finish it, but finding out you’re part alien is a pretty big deal. I would think she’d want to at least have a conversation about that which lasted more than two minutes. Even so, I’m all in for next issue. I want to know what’s up with these homeless kids. Have they decided that being used for something is better than living on the streets?

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