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Nailbiter #28

Previously in Nailbiter #27


All good things must come to an end, and Nailbiter will complete its story with #30, a double issue. As sad as it is to see the series end, it’s been an extremely satisfying run and it’s exciting to know that its ending on the creators’ terms. We know we’re getting the complete story they wanted to tell, the way they wanted to tell it.

I didn’t know the series was ending until I got to the letters portion of this issue, but once I got over my disappointment at the news, I could admit that I felt it coming in the preceding pages. Alice is the real MVP as she shoots Barker in the leg to keep her from finishing off her mother. At the hospital, Alice learns Crane will be fine and that Barker is in FBI custody.


Meanwhile, The Blonde oversees the grand re-opening of The Murder Store, citing it as a way for Buckaroo to reclaim and define its legacy – and also make some cash, of course. The fanfare is short-lived as The Master detonates bombs he’s planted along the tunnels under the town, including under TMS.

Alice isn’t safe at the hospital as it is also rocked by an explosion. Saving her mother is a given, but she backtracks from pushing Crane’s bed out of the hospital to get her father as well. Unfortunately, The Master has other plans for the dysfunctional family.

With the town in flames, Finch still trapped in the tunnels, and The Master now in possession of Buckaroo’s most notorious killer and those he loves the most, the finale is sure to be lit (no pun intended). Thankfully, we still have one more issue before we get there.

This series has had many chilling panels like this.

This series has had many chilling panels like this.

Nailbiter #28
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Issue #28

Nailbiter #28 | Story by: Joshua Williamson | Art by: Mike Henderson | Colors by: Adam Guzowski | Letters & Book Design: John J. Hill | Edited by: Rob Levin | Logo by: Tim Daniel | Cover by: Mike Henderson & Adam Guzowski

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