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New Man of Steel Trailer, Now With 100% More Awesome

Man of Stel

We all know that as we get closer to a movie’s release date, the trailers get more revealing. So much so that a lot of people stop looking at them a week or so before opening day to avoid possibly having plot lines inadvertently spoiled. Well, I took one for the Project Fandom team and watched the new Man of Steel trailer released today. I’m selfless like that. And boy was I spoiled! By all the awesome.

Yes, this trailer does have more action sequences previously not included in past releases. I mean, what the hell is happening with Martha Kent? And there’s a Superman/Jor-El conversation in which Jor-El doesn’t look at all hologramy, but all that did for me was amp up my excitement for next weekend. Check it below:

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3 Comments on New Man of Steel Trailer, Now With 100% More Awesome

  1. My favorite part of this trailer is the short glimpse we get of Superman breaking his restraints; the look on his face just says, “Yeah, I could’ve done this whenever I wanted.”

    • Ha! I missed that. I did wonder, for the first time while watching this, what they thought they were doing putting him in handcuffs in that one scene of him being escorted down the hallway.

      AND that scene reminds me of the Loki scene in The Avengers, which reminds of a scene in Battlestar Galactica when Six is being brought onboard Galactica under heavy guard.

      • I like the handcuffs thing because it demonstrates his self-control. He knows he could escape, but he choose not to. It may even be a part of his humanity, too, since he’s grown up with authority and a sense that he should respect it; maybe, subconsciously, he feels like he can’t escape. The fact they’re putting them on him is probably just pomp and circumstance; the pageantry of justice.

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